The Year 2014 Prophecies For Nigeria

1. The Lord says the wind of healing that has been blowing will continue but would shift base more into religious quarters this year and the cleaning will bring more transformation to the nation.

2. The LORD says there will be a rancor between president Good luck Jonathan and Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor this year; if you see it happening; praise God. This may surprise the nation, but it’s very necessary for Nigeria restoration.

3. The LORD says tell former Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu and Senator Gbemi Saraki to tighten up or go into hidden; because both of them may not see the year 2015; if you take him for granted.

4. The Lord says the judiciary system would go for second round of purging this year again and is going to affect more of the people at the top.

5. Professor Jerry Ghana: The LORD says I should tell you; that he will revisit your manipulating secrets with Nigeria former President Olusegun Obasanjo; in conjunction with Living Faith Ministries, A.K.A Winners chapel this year 2014. And he says; he would punish your entire family because of the part you took in that evil plan years ago… Except you repent and make amendments.

6. The LORD says; warn my people in Lagos State; most especially in Ikorodu town. Watch out seriously for flooding this year again. Continuing in 3 days prayer and specifically rebuke flooding; don’t neglect this; it’s capable enough to consume the whole city, and it may happen between the first 2 weeks of January or March. Beware!!!

7. The LORD says to warn the innocent leaders to beware of meeting opportunities from the presidency this year 2014; especially in the month of January. The spirit of a certain president has resurrected in the presidency and it’s going to be in effect from January 2014 to eliminate their “enemies.” There will be three setup plane crashes; if you are not prayerful no one will survive in all of those incidents. Beware!!!

Have a wonderful, and fruitful year 2014 in the name of Jesus

“Divine Healing is Real; Divine Health is Ultimate”

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