The Year 2014 Prophecies For The United States Of America

The Year 2014 Prophecies For The United States Of America

1. The Lord had said it before; he’s commanding us to repeat it for the last time; that giving amnesty to people is extremely dangerous to the United States of America “at this time”; if the nation is not careful, this will be the last the nation will give; and will not recover from it. Why? The LORD says their strategies and calculation would fail them because they have wrong motives. Please take extra caution; please; don’t take God for granted on this issue; because you have a very slight margin to fail; and fall to the hands of the enemies; and your fall will be devastating to many nations. Beware!!!

2. The Lord had said it before; he’s commanding us to repeat it for the last time; my people you need reevaluation. Do not put your trust in the health care overhaul; because the enemy has determined to use the system to destroy the innocent ones; the numbers of death that will be surface under the health care overhaul will beat everyone’s imagination; you need extra caution. Beware!

3. The Lord said; until now the United States of America has had many hypocritical believers as presidents, Now for the first time in her history the United States of America may end up enthrone a president that sincerely will not believe in God or references anything concerning God; on an emergency purpose. And if this happens; undoubtedly that fellow will give the United States of America an emergency landing economically, and in many other areas. Beware!

4. The LORD said prophesy against the leaders of the African Americans in the United States of America, that which they’ve planned would cost gradual extinction of their race if they don’t let go, ask for forgiveness and turnaround from their grievous sin they’ve committed against him (GOD).

5. The Lord says, tell the African Americans leaders; 

A. That they need extra caution! 

B. They need to get over the bitterness of the past. 

C. They need to stay out of sentiments.

D. They need to go and re-learn the meaning of sincere forgiveness so that they don’t end up extinct their future generations that are already been destroying subtly.

Behold, many people crawled into the United States of America because the nation is standing. If the United States of America falls, crawling back to their respective countries or other surviving nations would not be as difficult for them as the naturalization process. Because all they will need to do is to pick up their old identity wherever they hide it and head out of your country they have helped you destroyed, to another “wealthy nation.”


I plead on to God for mercy that the United States of America will not fail and will not fall in the name of Jesus. However, the antidote for that not to happen is for all citizens “right, left, front, back, top, bottom or middle” to stay away from sentiments, Sincerely and urgently reassess the nation’s values and makes an amendment.


1.  Tell God every wrong calculation or attempt that will bring the United States of America down to zero shall be frustrated in the name of Jesus.

2.  Pray that every plan of the enemy to re-introduce hardship or put people in bondage to destroy their lives and destiny shall be void in the name of Jesus.

3.  Intercede on behalf of the United States of America; that every manipulating or entrapment that will pave the way for the emergency enthronement of a heartless and ungodly candidate in the place of authority; and as a result will end up destroying the nation’s bright destiny and future shall be terminated in the name of Jesus.

4.  Pray fervently; that the LORD opens the eyes of every citizen of the United States of America to see the havoc they are toying with; especially the religious leaders.

5.  More importantly, pray sincerely for the foreigners, either naturalized or illegal for God to have mercy on them; for their hypocritical stand towards the nation of America.


I plead On to God for mercy that the third world countries will not turn around; given the United States of America aides before they will be able to eat in the name of Jesus. Have the Fruitful Year 2014 in Jesus Name

Divine Healing is real; Divine Health is Ultimate.



October 1st – December 31st, 2013

FIRST PRAYER POINT: Every plan of the enemies concerning the United States of America will be frustrated in the Name of Jesus.

SECOND PRAYER POINT: Pray for the president of the United States for God to open his mind of understanding to see and do the right things; and for God to give him boldness and courage to make changes wherever that he has gone astray in the will of God concerning himself and his nation in the name of Jesus.

THIRD PRAYER POINT: Pray that God would give wisdom to the people in authority in the United States of America to find common ground to solve their problems and not to default in the Name of Jesus.

If they default; THEIR PLAN “B” WOULD ALSO FAIL and “America may not recover” from the shock, and five more countries would go under with them. Take extra caution to work out plan A; because you’re laid out, plan B will not work.

FOURTH PRAYER POINT: Pray earnestly for President Barack Obama for wisdom; strength; most importantly God’s mercy for him to be able to withstand the next pressure that he will encounter in the next round of national struggles; and for the nation, peace to remain intact.

FIFTH PRAYER POINT: 1. Pray fervently; for God to give the elected officials in the place of authority of the United States of America; most especially the “right-wing”; wisdom and the insight to be able to see through the pros and cons of their intended plans before execution. Why? The LORD has revealed that whatever they’ve planned will work out correctly according to their program; however, it will not benefit the nation and the next generations in any way; it would only hand over the country into the hand of the enemies more. Think over this; if that is what you want.

2. Pray again earnestly for God to have mercy on President Barrack Obama. The Lord says there are specific attacks targeted on him between November 22, and 27 2013 which will undoubtedly fail, and it would be executed again on December 25 and 26 2013. Beware!

3. Intensify your prayers for the whole nation of the United States of America for genuine repentance and also for God to have mercy on the country in every area. Why? The Lord has revealed that every single year throughout the tenure of President Barack Obama until the third year will be filled with deadly attacks, tragedy, and confusion. Therefore don’t take standing in the gap in prayers for granted.

SIXTH PRAYER POINT: The LORD says we should pray for the City of Columbus Georgia; for divine protection of government building; from a strange fire outbreak.
Please don’t take this for granted; because if it eventually happens it might be tough to contain, and it may consume the significant part of the building. 

Enough of folding our arms; let’s support our governments in prayers.

“Divine Healing is Real; Divine Health is Ultimate”

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