Our history begins in the year 2002 when the Lord called a man named, Adebayo Oloyede.

Just as God spoke to Abraham, the Lord guided Pastor Oloyede in September 2002 by divine favor to come to the United States of America. 

With a straightforward instruction, go and “Stand in the Gap” Pastor Adebayo was charged to heal the sick and raise the dead. 

He began the mission by witnessing, praying for people, and anyone that cared to hear the word of God. 

Having faced many obstacles and discouragement from many people in the body of Christ, he was more empowered to continue the work of the Lord. After much time, he joined a local assembly with a large membership. This church affiliation allowed him to grow supernaturally and reveal what God indeed had called him to do. When God ordered the steps of a righteous man, the journey may take you through many peaks and valleys. 

These are just proving grounds so that the Lord can prune you and prepare you for the harvest; Guided by the wisdom and instruction of the Holy Spirit, in March 2010 the Lord separated Pastor Adebayo from all ministry affiliation to pray for the nation of America. 

This separation would later include leaving his job that help support his family to be available only to God. With the help of his wife, they began to pray for a month about God’s will for their family finances. 

Not following God’s will, Pastor Adebayo, put in his resignation, but almost died in an occupational accident. He knew then that it was time to leave immediately and do the will of God. 

On September 18, 2008, Healing Hour Ministry held its first fellowship. The meetings were started on Thursday night by divine appointment. 

The church was mandated to heal the sick, serve God’s people, set the captives free, and do not beg for financial offerings. God will supply all the needs of the ministry, and it will be he who would be glorified.

We have seen baptisms and many lives touched by the power of God. In the tradition of Abraham, Healing Hour Ministry will go and possess the land as an inheritance claim, our blessings under the covenant that God made; protection, prosperity, health, and salvation to His followers. What a mighty God we serve.

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