To Pastor Adeboye Of RCCG

To Pastor Adeboye Of RCCG


Pastor Adeboye, The Lord Said Be Courageous To Stay Away From Another deception At This Time And Save Your People From Impending Destruction.

The Lord said your silence and diplomacy is enough, dare to do the right thing.

The Lord said with your diplomacy you almost wrecked your nation during Ex-President Jonathan era before you ended up to aligned yourself with another group of silent extreme looters that had vowed to destroy your nation and her people because your fear and mundane prosperity.

“Affliction Will not rise the second time”

The Lord said Nigerians affliction may continue until His people will learn how to turn around from deception.

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the Lord said you might not be so smart as you think, If you don’t call your pastor Osinbajo back into your camp you may set your nation on fire and it will burn you and your cohorts also. Peace!

The Lord Said, The Effect Of Your 2015 Deception Is What Your Nation Is Still Dealing With Presently. The Lord said Don’t Aid And Watch The Affliction To Raise Its Head Again In 2019 Because Of Your Fear and Love for material things. February 13 2019 @ 3 am

Reminder Of The Year 2015, The Lord said,

“The Silent Destroyer!”

I want Nigerians to know this; President Good Luck Jonathan is not Nigerian’s problem, but Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye of RCCG and some his fellow Overseers are. However, this will be the last letter I will write to Nigerians on this issue, and the rest is over to you!

February 2015 is a month of decision that will make or destroy destinies of Nigerians.

2011 the Lord revealed and I shared it with few men of God to pray, however, the revelation was ignored.

Another deception is on the “stove” and Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye is the lead chef.

The Lord has said this before, and I will repeat it again for the last time unless Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye confesses his hidden secrets with president Good Luck Jonathan and ask for the nation’s forgiveness.

Or if Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye can devise means to pacify president Good Luck Jonathan to step aside for another person, all other antics to deceptively device ungodly means will not work.

And if anything is short of these two formulas, Nigeria is about to embark on suicide mission… And it will consume many, not the remnants at this time, but the rich and Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye and his cohorts will not be exempted.

The Year 2019 Prophecies To The United States of America

The Year 2019 Prophec To The United States of America

The Lord said President Donald Trump is taken too much dangerous and risky steps at a time and he needs to slow down. However, the Lord said He is in the right direction to revamp the United States of America. The Lord said, if the United States of America authority refused to resolve their grievances, before January 18, 2019, an internal war will erupt slowly in America and it will continue for three months Beware!

The Lord said any attempt to impeach President Donald Trump, will lunch the United States of America to FAMINE.

The Lord said if the Americans Abort His re-alignment of their nation, by not given president Donald Trump the second term, He said the United States of America will regret their choice as early as ninety days of whoever you choose into the office, moreover the nation will revert to the silent destroying era of the nation of President Barack Obama and his ally, and your next generation may pay the consequences.

Welcome To November 2018

Welcome To November 2018

Nigerians Vote With Your Conscience In 2019 Election  

Vote wisely, The Lord has pardoned the nation of Nigeria for the atrocities our father’s commited, what we are waiting for now is the complete recovery of our nation’s health. If Nigerians don’t want to launch their country back into another round of disaster, The citizens must Thread softly with their PVC before they change lane and direction. Path changing from Buhari to Atiku is dangerous at this time, take extra caution.

The harvest of Deception of our religious leaders, kings, enterprenures, and expesially the liked of Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Oritsejafor, and their religious business partners companion had not only launched Nigeria into a mess, but it has also caused great havoc for Nigerians at home and around the globe.

I prophesy, God Will Surely Take Nigerians To The Land Of Surplus and Safety In Jesus Name.

Note: Please stop worrying about my life maybe someone’s anointing can kill me.

start worrying about your lives and that of your future generations they’re destroying subtly. The Only favor you can do for me is to Listen to God’s Warning that I am passing across and pass it to your neighbors too.

I don’t say that they cannot gang up against me and want to kill me. However, what I know for sure is that it’s not going to happen until you see the publication of the following revelations.


Let Us Recap On Few Prophecies Before We Continue.

• 2011 Election The Lord revealed that Ex-President Jonathan would wreck the nation of Nigeria if the citizens allow him to go for another term due to his hidden secrets in the past government he served. Many Christians said he is the only one that can save Nigeria from collapsing, moreover that influential man of God had Anointed him. We all saw the result; Indeed he was anointed by the men of God’s to loot the national treasuries.

• 2015 Election The Lord revealed That Nigeria is about to commit suicide if they vote any presidential candidate from APC party that fielded Buhari/Osibajo on there seat of power. Many people said one Daddy G.O or wether it is mummy g.o, that had prophesied that Osinbajo will be president and he’s more righteous, he will hold Buhari accountable on any evil actions that may want to proped up. Again we can all see how they prophesy a hypocritical business man called a pastor into the seat of power to cooperate in destroying of his people in other to retain a worldly position

I don’t know who is more evil between Osinbajo, Buhari and the ones prophesied to him.

• Again 2019 Presidential Election is approaching faster. The Lord has revealed again that Buhari/Osibajo or Atiku/Obi Are another combinations of worst choices. However, Buhari and Another VP is an excellent worst choice if you have no other good choice. But, If all Nigerians have come into conclusion that it is only Buhari that is not corrupt in Nigeria let the ball start rolling.

Some people said since Bishop Oyedepo and Rev Kukah has endorsed Atiku, even though both men of God had denied their secret meeting that media mistakenly exposed. Still, many people are still in denial that God must be speaking to Bishop Oyedepo and Reverend Kukah that Atiku is the best.

Well, God spoke to Father Mbaka too in 2015 that Buhari is the best for their nation, but Father Mbaka also is among the people regretting emergence of Buhari now. Because of the harvest that is contrary to Mbaka’s expectation.

On 2019 Election Time will tell, however, don’t relent in your Prayers for MERCY.I also pray that Bishop David Oyedepo and Rev Kukah endorsement of Atiku at this time will not become the embalmment of Nigeria in the name of Jesus Amen!

Atiku and Buhari have the same master and same agenda to Fulfiled if they’re not tailed. However, Atiku is more deadly than Buhari in the game of deception. Bishops are only working hard to protect their loots nothing more.

Enjoy your new month with blessings from the Lord, while you continue praying for divine direction in your closet.


Be Prepared Beyond 2019

Be Prepared Beyond 2019

Do You Want Your People To Be Free? Then, You Don’t have another Option But To Step On Some Toes. Nigeria Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan will tell you what it means not to have a sensitive mind when you have the privilege to have an audience with him.  The same group of people that benefited immensely in his corruptions, which include Pastor Adeboye and his caucus that Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan doesn’t want to disrespect or step on their toes, is the same group of people that hypocritically ally themselves with the Opposition to use Osinbajo as collateral to cover up their own shameful act to torpedo him. I am out again with God’s warning.

Nigerians Beware!!!

Warning To Osibajo And His Allies


The First Injustice That Osibajo, CAN, and PFN Must Address Before 2019 Presidential Election To Avert Death In Their Camp Is To Apologize To Ex-President Jonathan and Nigerians. Why? Because Ex-President Jonathan and his government are not corrupt more than All Osinbajo spiritual fathers. Especially Pastor Adeboye, Oritzejafor, and Oyedepo. They are Jonathan and his government custodians.

The Voice Of The Lord!