The Year 2019 Prophecies To The United States of America

The Year 2019 Prophec To The United States of America

The Lord said President Donald Trump is taken too much dangerous and risky steps at a time and he needs to slow down. However, the Lord said He is in the right direction to revamp the United States of America. The Lord said, if the United States of America authority refused to resolve its grievances, before January 18, 2019, an internal war will erupt slowly in America and it will continue for three months Beware!

The Lord said any attempt to impeach President Donald Trump, will lunch the United States of America into famine.

The Lord said if the Americans Abort His re-alignment of their nation, by not giving president Donald Trump the second term, He said the United States of America will regret their choice as early as ninety days of whoever you choose into the office.

Moreover, the nation of America will revert to the silent-destroying era of the nation of Ex-President Barack Obama and his ally, and your next generation may pay the consequences in a very hard way.

Nigerians, Vote With Your Conscience In the 2019 Election

Nigerians, Vote With Your Conscience In the 2019 Election  

Nigerians Vote Wisely!

The Lord has pardoned the nation of Nigeria for the atrocities that their spiritual fathers committed; what the citizens should be waiting for now, is for God to complete the recovery of their nation’s wealth for them; If the Nigerians don’t want to launch their country back into another round of disaster. Therefore, the citizens must thread it softly with their PVC (voters card) before they change lanes and directions. 

Buhari and Osibajo’s path is a disaster; however, the Path changing from Buhari to Atiku is more dangerous at this time, so take extra caution.

The nation of Nigeria is receiving the harvest of Deception of their influential religious leaders, kings, and entrepreneurs, especially the likes of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, and other religious business partners.

They and their companions had not only launched Nigeria into physical mess but also into a spiritual mess and had caused great havoc for Nigerians at home and around the globe.

I prophesy that God Will Surely Take Nigerians Out Of Impending Famine To The Land Of Surplus and Safety In Jesus’ Name.

Note: Please, everyone should stop worrying about my life maybe someone’s anointing can or will kill me, far be it!

Surely, they can engage assassins, but definitely, they don’t have any special anointing from God that can kill anyone, not to talk of messengers of the highest on assignment.

Therefore start worrying about yourselves, your lives, and that of your future generations that they are destroying presently subtly.

The Only favor you can do for yourselves and the entire nation of Nigeria is to be listening to God’s warning that I am passing across to you daily and pass it across to your various neighbors.

Again, listen to me carefully, I didn’t say your businessmen and women in Shiloh camps with their political business partners cannot gang up against me to kill me; But, what I know for sure is this, it’s not going to happen until you see the following publications and revelations from God in hard copies.


Let Us Recap On Few Prophecies That God Sent Us To Deliver To The Nation Of Nigeria Before We Continue.

• In the 2011 Election, the Lord revealed that Ex-President Jonathan would wreck the nation of Nigeria if the citizens allowed him to go for another term due to his hidden secrets in the past government he served. Many Christians said he was the only one that could save Nigeria from collapsing; moreover, an influential man of God had Anointed him. Well, we all saw the result of goya olive oil anointing; Indeed, he was anointed by men and women of God to loot the national treasuries without remorse.

• 2015 Election The Lord revealed that Nigeria is about to commit political suicide if they vote for any presidential candidate from the APC party that fielded Buhari and Osibajo deception for a cover-up upon their nation’s seat of power. Many people said another daddy g.o, or whether it is mummy g.o, had prophesied that Osibajo would become president. He’s more righteous; he would hold Buhari accountable for any evil actions that may want to be propped up.

Again, we can all see how the hypocritical prophecy of a businessman or woman called pastor metamorphoses into a politician in the seat of power to be cooperating in destroying his people in other to retain worldly positions and national loot.

I Don’t Know Who Is More DevilIsh Between Osibajo, Buhari, And The Ones That Prophesied Osibajo Into Buhari Evil Alliance.

• Again 2019 Presidential Election is approaching faster and the Lord has revealed again that Buhari and Osibajo or Atiku and Obi are another combinations of worst choices you are gunning for.

However, your Buhari and another Vice President will be a worse choice that can be managed if you are sure that you don’t have any other good choice.

But, If every Nigerian has concluded that it is only Buhari that is not corrupt in Nigeria, let us cross our legs and allow the ball to start rolling.

Some people said since Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo, and Rev Kukah has endorsed Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, even though both men of God has denied their secret meeting that the media people mistakenly exposed, still, many people are in denial that God must be speaking to Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo and Reverend Kukah that Atiku is the best choice for Nigeria; far be it.

Well, I will advise you, according to the Holy Spirit revelations, please don’t fall for any religious businessmen trap again.

The same god that spoke to Father Mbaka in the year 2015 that Buhari is the best for the nation of Nigeria, “their messiah,” but Father Mbaka is also among many other people that are first regretting the emergence of his messiah General Buhari, because his harvest is contrary to father Mbaka’s expectation.

In the 2019 Election, time will tell; but don’t relent in your Prayers for mercy.

I also pray sincerely that Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo and Rev Kukah’s endorsement of Atiku Abubakar will not become the embalmment of Nigeria in the name of Jesus Amen!

Why? Because Atiku and Buhari have the same masters and the same agenda to Fulfil in Nigeria if they are not tailed.

However, note this, Atiku Abubakar is deadlier than general Buhari in the game of deception.

Don’t mind those Bishop and Reverend; they are only working hard to protect their looted funds, nothing else.

Enjoy your new month with blessings from the Lord while you pray for divine direction in your closet.


Be Prepared Beyond 2019

Be Prepared Beyond 2019

Do You Want Your People To Be Free?

Then, you don’t have other options but to step on many toes, whenever God is leading you to be doing so. Whenever you have an opportunity to be standing in the gap for God, continually do it with all your strength no matter what it may cost you, but remember God is always behind you.

Nigeria Ex-President Good luck Jonathan will tell you what it means not to have a sensitive mind when it comes to God’s children, when you have privilege to have an audience with him; No believers in Christ on assignment will want to thread that route.

The same group of people and religious camps that benefited immensely from Ex-President Good luck Jonathan’s corruption, which includes Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo, their cohorts and many of their political business partners and caucuses that Ex-President Good luck Jonathan doesn’t want to disrespect or step on their toes then, were the same group of people that hypocritically ally themselves with blood thirsty party and deadly opposition leaders to use Pastor Yemi Osinbajo as collateral in other to cover up their various atrocities and shameful acts to torpedo their ATM Jonathan.

If many believers in Christ has forgotten that, let someone remind them, otherwise you will undoubtedly orchestrate another affliction if you follow any businessmen and women of God hypocritical strategies or alliance.

I am out again with God’s warning, Nigerians Beware!

Warning To Osibajo And His Allies


The first injustice that Osibajo, CAN, and PFN must address before the 2019 Presidential election to avert death in their camps is to go and apologize to Ex-President Jonathan and Nigerians.

Why? Because Ex-President Jonathan and his government are not corrupt more than all of Osinbajo’s spiritual fathers.

Especially Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, Pastor Ayo Oritzejafor, Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo, and others; they are all ex-President Jonathan and his government’s custodians and advisers.

The voice of the Lord!

Nigerians Do Not Abort God’s Process Again.

End of Day 8 Prayer:
The Lord said, tell my people to cease from anger, and forsake wrath; do not fret it only causes harm; In other words, jettisons all your protest or plans to protest.
The Lord says all your (political and religion) leaders conscience is dead; therefore your action now will only continue to make few groups of people laughing to the bank.

The Lord said the costly mistake you made before now was that you allow the enemies of your nation to capitalize on your misplaced anger and brought deceptive alliance of President Buhari/Oshibajo to saddle your “dead horse” by aborting my process to heal your land.

Again the Lord said, do not be afraid because I have heard your cry and see your tears. In a twinkle of an eye the wind will blow again and THE “I AM” will re-arrange the necessaries.