Be Prepared Beyond 2019

Be Prepared Beyond 2019

Do You Want Your People To Be Free?

Then, You don’t have another option but to step on toes when God is leading you to do so. Whenever you have an opportunity to stand in the gap for God, do it with all your strength no matter what it may cost you.

Nigeria Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan will tell you what it means not to have a sensitive mind when it comes to God’s children when you have the privilege to have an audience with him.

The same group of people and Churches that benefited immensely from Jonathan corruptions, which includes Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye and his political caucuses that the Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan doesn’t want to disrespect, or step on their toes, were the same group of people that hypocritically ally themselves with deadly opposition leader to use Pastor Osinbajo as collateral in other to cover up their atrocities and shameful act to torpedo Jonathan.

I am out again with God’s warning, Nigerians Beware!

Warning To Osibajo And His Allies


The First Injustice That Osibajo, CAN, and PFN Must Address Before 2019 Presidential Election To Avert Death In Their Camp Is To Apologize To Ex-President Jonathan and Nigerians. Why? Because Ex-President Jonathan and his government are not corrupt more than All Osinbajo spiritual fathers. Especially Pastor Adeboye, Oritzejafor, and Oyedepo. They are Jonathan and his government custodians.

The Voice Of The Lord!

Nigerians Do Not Abort God’s Process Again.

End of Day 8 Prayer:
The Lord said, tell my people to cease from anger, and forsake wrath; do not fret it only causes harm; In other words, jettisons all your protest or plans to protest.
The Lord says all your (political and religion) leaders conscience is dead; therefore your action now will only continue to make few groups of people laughing to the bank.

The Lord said the costly mistake you made before now was that you allow the enemies of your nation to capitalize on your misplaced anger and brought deceptive alliance of President Buhari/Oshibajo to saddle your “dead horse” by aborting my process to heal your land.

Again the Lord said, do not be afraid because I have heard your cry and see your tears. In a twinkle of an eye the wind will blow again and THE “I AM” will re-arrange the necessaries.


Pray For The United States Of America

Pray For The United States Of America

Americans, Please Be Sensitive. Pray For President Donald Trump And His Counselors

The Lord said President Donald Trump and is caucus are planning to take an action that will be contrary to His will for the Americans and the United States of America, Precisely three days after independent day. 

The Lord said President Donald Trump should desist from that plan urgently. The Lord said if President Donald Trump dares to carry out that evil plan he will succeed, but he will not live to see the outcome of his action because that action will plunge the United States of America into severe famine.

The Lord says President Donald Trump is gradually reverting to the detestable ways of ex-president Barack Obama he should watch out and beware.


April 21 2017 @ 2:45 am

Dangerous Decision Keep On Praying For Nigerians

Dangerous Decision Keep On Praying For Nigerians

Warning to Nigerians

The Lord has revealed that there is a plan on the way this month of March 2016 from political gurus to settle President Mohammed Buhari of Nigeria out of office. In other words to buy him out with a condition, to go and rest abroad on a medical issue. And in the following two weeks to send in his resignation letter based on a medical complication.

This Plan is going to be a time bomb, but it may fail depends on how the citizens are sensitive and prayerful.

Remember, President Buhari caucuses are also planning their strategies to ease him out of office but in their favor.

However, Nigerians keep on praying for a safe landing in March 2016.