Integrity Is Extremely Important For Believers In Christ

  • The Western country evangelist or Pastor raised five million dollars from innocent people to feed the needy. Multiply that amount by three hundred fifty-three nairas. You can check the total amount yourself or pay a “specially anointed accountant” in your Shiloh camp to tell you the amount.
  • The Western country pastor or evangelist gave the host in Nigeria one million nairas for allowing him or her to come and defraud his or her fellow Christians in Nigeria of their hard-earned money with different kinds of manipulations and under duress collection through “Isaac seed sowing” shenanigans.
  • The host of the Western country minister also forced his or her congregation to raise another two million nairas as an honorarium for a supposed host because he brought a specially anointed westerner to come and defraud, give them anxiety, more depression, and hypertension as secrets of Jesus Christ’s kingdom.
  • At the end of the Western Country Minister ministrations, congregations that contributed money to invite the Western Country Minister and all others that gave the honorariums to their hosts will get zero Naira in return. They will also be discouraged and depressed when they get back to their various homes.
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