The Lord Says Every Sin Are The Same In His Presence

The Lord Says Every Sin Are The Same In His Presence

Christians Beware!

Good morning and a happy new month to everyone out there we will not miss the eternal rest in the name of Jesus. The Lord said we should all observe our ways, and if the Holy Spirit reveals anything to us, we should REPENT and immediately make an ammendment because the time is near

The Lord said homosexuality and every other sins of covetousness are the same to Him.

The Lord asked me to lay emphasis on  Christians that want to be partners in sins of beauty. Beautifying yourself and adding damnation to your fearfully and wonderfully made body is different.

The Lord said Whatever the enemy has prompted you to add to your body that it’s not originally from God is a sin and you’re not going to inherit the eternal rest with Him. Example, Changing your body outlook in any form. Or any form of attachments. Why? The Lord said it is a trick of the devil to snatch you out from the kingdom of God covenant zone and MARK you for his devil kingdom. The Lord said go and observe your self thouroughly, repent and make amendments so that you can enjoy your eternal rest with Him.

I pray that God will help us to carry out an appraisal of our lives styles in Jesus name. Amen 

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