The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit


Therefore you need the Holy Spirit. He is Simple, may not be easy but possible. It is a simple thing to please God, but it will take some effort (sensitivity) from your side to know what God is saying to you before you can Please Him this is called CLARIFICATION.

The moment you are sure of what God revealed to you in the scriptures or His voice you said you heard is clarified, Then you are free to go ahead and do what God said to you.

Choices will present themselves; the flesh will get in the way, that is the substantial reason why you must have one on one relationship with God and not a General Overseer. For instance, if your overseer said, the Lord asked him to sell his car to build an orphanage. And you take that as what the Lord wants you to do in your ministry you may be orchestrating your downfall before you start at all You need caution. Another thing you need to realize is this, what God told your Overseer is for him and may not be for you. For you to be part of that revelation or instruction you must have been part of the orphanage journey, plan or maybe God has laid it on your heart to help them build an orphanage before that time.

You need clarification from God If not, at the end of your show off or ignorance you may become another casualty that will be sleeping on the bare floor at the backyard of the orphanage you help them build. Cleaning windows with your clothes and begging from the orphans to eat. And later you may become frustrated; you may even be blaming God for your foolishness when you see that the overseers are renting out the “orphanage” houses to the best “Tither orphan” of the year at a ridiculous amount.

Put this in your archive of knowledge, even if your overseer doesn’t sell his car, he will still build an orphanage because the majority that will buy into what he said God said, without clarification are many. This is one of the reasons why numbers are the focus of Many Churches today is not to win souls for Christ.

 Moreover, if latter your overseer goes to his lord and says, “Lord”, I have done what you asked me to do. How will you go to your lord? You will say “Overseer, I have done what you asked me to do, or lord I have done what our overseer said you said we should do” which one? Or which other lord do you know than that of your Overseer? In this case, you’re not better than the ones that are still in the captivity of the religion.

Jesus said, to His disciples, “I have many more things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come.” John 16:12-13.


General Overseers said these or that would not cut it in sensitive issues of life. It will only lead you to destruction, shame and at the end untimely death that will not glorify God. The first and urgent thing you need from God is clarification Without it you’re on your think about this. Some of the reasons why land grabbers will grab your land, and you can’t do anything for them maybe because you fail to go through the Clarification process and proper approval route.

Or probably your Spiritual leaders grabbed the land from you with thus saith the “Lord”, this is another reason why you need the Holy Ghost for direction in every step you are taking.

Lord Jesus, I pray this morning that you remove the veil in the eyes of your people that you have purchased with your precious blood. Amen!

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