To Nigerians And Nigeria government

1. The Lord says hitherto what Nigerians have been doing is seeking for unending miracles, now it’s time to pray for redemption and deliverance because the enemies have marked the month of July to shed more blood nation wide and the blood that will be shed may be more than what the nation had ever experience, if we take prayers for granted.

2. The Lord says pray seriously for R.C.C.G for Mercy!!! And for God to avert blood shed between 14, 16, and 18th of July 2014 and tell them to take extra caution throughout the month of July. The word of God says; “But if a righteous person turns from their righteousness and commit sin and does the same detestable things the wicked does, will they live?…  Ezekiel 18:24.

3. The Lord says remind Senator Gbemi Saraki and former  Lagos states governor  Tinubu again, to intensify on their prayers and be watchful because their lives might be cut short before 2015.

4. The Lord says tell pastor Tunde Bakare  not to dare consider that option he’s putting into consideration at all, he will not survive it.

5. The Lord says tell the conspirators, Bishop David Oyedepo, Former minister Jerry Gana, and Former president Olusegun Obasanjo their judgments remains in a cooler except they repent.

6. The Lord says there is a former commissioner of agriculture of Lagos State, one of the members of R.C.C.G weighing an option to contest for Lagos State governor, the Lord says is a bad option that will cut your life short desist or you go.

7. The Lord says remind president Good Luck Jonathan again, involving United States of America and her allies to fight insurgency in Nigeria is a costly joke…


“Divine Healing is Real; Divine Health is Ultimate”

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