The Year 2012 Prophecies

To the United States of America

 1. The Lord said; He will deliver the nation of America from the shackles of the evil ones; the oppression of the enemies; and the deception of immoralities that is about to destroy the country.

2. The Lord said; my people do not put your trust in the health care overhaul; because the devil has planned to use the system to destroy the innocent ones; the number of death that will be recorded under the health care overhaul will surpass every human understanding; you need extra caution.

3. The Lord said giving amnesty to people is dangerous to the United States of America at this time; if caution is not taken; it may be the last the nation will ever give, and may not recover from it. PEACE!

To present the president of the United States of America

 1. The Lord said when you had lost hopes in life, He lifted you up from the miry clay, and he set your foot upon the solid rock; When your enemies thought you couldn’t make it; by my power, I gave you victory; He said; why have you turn your back on me?

God said; I have had mercy upon your soul; because of the poor; and the prayers of saints.

The Lord said; you should consider it a wise decision to step aside at the end of your tenure; to avert the curse for the generation coming after you; yourself; and the nation of America. PEACE!

To Nigeria

1. The Lord said he has heard the prayers of His people, and He has determined to deliver them; the Lord said that Nigeria remnants should laugh again.

2. The Lord said that farm produce would yield more increase this year; but the ones that have the mind of taking advantage of the rise against the masses; their lands shall yield little.

3. The Lord said the wind of destruction is still blowing; pray more for the wind not to blow your family away in the name of Jesus, and be watchful; most importantly follow your guidance; the comforter. PEACE!

To present the President of Nigeria

The Lord said; the enemies of the nation had planted you in the office by using the vulnerability of the masses for their selfish purposes, and covering their atrocities; He said you had acted their scripts as they wanted, and almost destroy the nation I (God) has given you the opportunity to serve. The Lord said that you are capable! Contrary to the thoughts of your godfathers; God said you know what to do not to add more suffering to the poor if you decided to go on the right path, but you are scared not to cure the wrath of your godfathers; because of your hidden secrets in the previous government; and to use the excuses to hoard more wealth for your children; and grandchildren.

The Lord said it is a dangerous idea; that will ruin four generations after you if you don’t repent, and apologize to the nation.

The Lord said; See, I have decided to deliver the remnants of Nigeria; he told you, and your cohorts are too small to stop him (God).

The Lord said; it would be better for you to step on toes and act in His (God) interest; than to incur His wrath.

The Lord said; take a different step of your godfather’s advice to free the nation from the clutch of the enemies, and I (God)will set out to destroy all the enemies of the country to rewrite your name in gold.

The Lord said you should be careful of unholy alliances with some countries; most especially the United States of America. PEACE!

To Israel

The Lord said His word is settled to deliver the Israelites without any nation lifting a finger. Peace!

To China

The Lord said that between January and June 2012, China may face a severe economic disaster that is capable of setting the country back for a more extended period; if not finally, if they don’t change their conceived deceptions that they want to play out on the United States of America. PEACE!

To present General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God

1. The Lord said; am I not the one that lifted you out from the miry clay? Why are you diplomatic about my instructions; and perverting justice on my people? Your love for money is increasing daily; while your love for me is decreasing per second. Though people see you as a man of justice, you know that; that was before. Thus said the Lord; before the people that you have surrounded yourself with soil your clothe of righteousness and miss my reward; I have decided to bring you back home.

2. The Lord said to blow the trumpet in Zion; 3 years that will follow the death of the overseer; R C C G shall face a storm, and they may likely not overcome it, except they change their ways. PEACE!

To Africans in Diaspora; especially Nigerians; particularly the ones in the United States of America

1. The Lord said wake up, strengthen what remains in you; intensify your prayers for your nation, and the country of America.

2. The Lord said the tide is about to shift, watch out so that the ones that think they are standing will not fall. Peace!

I wish everyone a fantastic new year in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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