God Will Always Be There For Us In Our Time Of Need

 God Will Always Be There For Us In Our Time Of Need

“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you ; I have called you by name; you are Mine! “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. When you walk through fire, you will not be scorched, Nor will the flame burn you. Isaiah 43:2-3.

Let’s for instance, someone has a father, especially the almighty father, your father promised that come what it may He will always be with you, such person doesn’t need to worry about anything called impossibility from His father’s promises. What such people need to know, and be positive about is that they are serving the God of Possibilities that He can never fail, He will use whosoever He wants to get necessary resources down to any of His children wherever they are. Guess what, it might even be the one that ganged up against you because you are determined not to remain in their religious status quo that God did not command.

At certain junctions in the journey of the assignment that God has given unto us, we would love to appreciate many people that God has used for us so far. And the ones that He’s still using presently, Importantly we wanted to say a big thank you to a brother, named Mike Henderson, he is a great manager, God will continue to bless him wherever he found himself in the name of Jesus. 

When the Lord asked me to proceed into His kingdom assignment, He did not give me an opportunity to hide under unemployment, which I believed could have been a great help for me then until I can “stand firm” financially, not knowing that I was missing the truth that I am going to be depending on God for sustenance for the rest of my life, not men or unemployment benefits.

The former company I was working for downsized their staff, but by God’s grace I was one of the people that was retained, that was a piece of good news, but not to me, because I thought that at least the layoff could have been a great privilege for me to hide under unemployment for a while had they been they have laid me off at that time. Finally, the company ended up in the hands of a new owner, with great promises and opportunities to come, but by the time we are still breathing a relief, God said to me, now is the appointed time that you will let go of that job if, you want to walk with me. At that junction, I have only one option left, and that is to resign from my appointment. And since I am the one that decided to go, “sorry we don’t have any cushion for you.” In the business circle where I lived, they call such action QUIT and it has no benefits attached, except your last paycheck. Crazy? Yes! I thought the same way too, but it is a choice that I must make and make urgently, although it was not easy, however, I am glad that the Holy Spirit helped us out to make the right decision.

Until The Present, God Is Still Continue To Prove His Mighty Power In Our Lives Daily

Brothers and Sisters, it pays to leave the familiar and unnecessary wind, whenever you want to walk with God. I meant “multitude of counsel” Why? Because it can destroy anyone when it comes to God’s instruction. “But the book of proverb says, “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety” You are religiously right, but whenever it comes to God’s instruction for your direction, the book of prover don’t have any option but to yield to God’s command or you face the consequences of disobeying God.

Some of the reasons why supernatural blessings are eluding many believers in Christ is not because they are not sowing their Isaac as seed, it’s because they are afraid to step out of their familiar places when God is commanding them to do so via the Holy Spirit leading, many people keep on hanging around in a Redemption camp or Canaanland of myth and fallacies without a clue.

Believers in Christ should Stop hanging all-around religious business centers, they must dare to take a seat wherever they found themselves. And if it happens that there is no seat for them there, they must get off the bus of myth and fallacies, and take a stroll to their next destination in Christ. Why? Because there can never be the peace of mind, comfort, or eternal life guarantee for anyone hanging on to religious confusion in religious business centers.

God Is Awesome!

The Following Is One Of Many Testimonies That God Has Done For Us.

When I lose my mother, a call got to me around three o clock in the morning on that faithful day, and before noon on the same day more than what we needed for the burial arrangements is already at hand.

The scripture says, “And it shall be that before they call I will answer, and while they are yet speaking I will hear.” Isaiah 65:24. We are one of the partakes of God’s promises firsthand.

I traveled down for my mother’s burial and returned back to my duty post, still met more blessings waiting for me, including over a dozen of new shirts, take note of this, God can never be the one leading you and you will be stranded, it will never happen. Thanks to Jesus.

God Is A Covenant Keeping God, He Blesses Whomever He Wants To Without Holding Them For Ransome.

Jesus says, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33.

There is someone reading this message right now, Please stop struggling because you want to sow your Isaac as seed, faith seeds, or fulfill pledges with what you don’t have in a Canaan land, Redemption camp, or any other religious business centers that God has not sent you to.

If the above is what you are doing all around religious business centers, you are only fulfilling pledges that God did not have hand in it all around religious business camps with your children’s school fees, stolen public money, and your family inheritances, because you want to belong to a group of Isaac seed and sacrificial offerings winners member or a Redemption camp of yearly increments tithing strategies followers, not knowing that you’ve already become a winner by your born again in Jesus Christ’s status, not tithes, Isaac seed or pledges.

Believers in Christ, those Isaac seed camp leaders are buying Private jets all around the corner, in the name of evangelism, but, they are turning uncountable followers of Christ into corporate fraudsters and beggars. Many believers in Christ’s children are struggling to sell pure water on the expressway to have a daily meal, dying daily in all kinds of accidents, while the children of daddy g.o and bishops are traveling abroad with their tithes and Isaac seeds, enjoying grants and scholarship from another nation’s government, yet abusing and cursing the commoners for not tithing.

Believers in Christ, Align yourself with God’s faithfulness, follow His will for your lives, not daddy g.o or bishop wishes.

Believers in Christ, If you want to give to any course, give willingly from what God has given unto you, and do not bother about those that are trying to show off or paving their way for a position of deacon, deaconess, franchise parish pastor, zonal coordinator, or assistance general overseers of religiosity, myths, and fallacies.

If you have done your part, trust God with all your heart, wait for Him patiently and He will surely lift you up at the appointed time if you don’t lose hope.

Believers in Christ, I sincerely encourage you to be patient and Be expectant, Because your appointed time is here in the name of Jesus.

Believers In Christ Must Be Emphatic Not Gullible

Believers In Christ Must Be Emphatic Not Gullible

Believers in Christ doesn’t and will not need to Sow or plant their properties to any Religious business centers, nor a Canaan land or Redemption camp real estate projects as Isaac seed before they can be blessed by God through Jesus Christ.

• Emphatic means showing others that you are willing to look at life from their perspective.

• Gullibility means dumbness, ignorance, complacency, or negligence on Godly revelations (instructions) or lack of discerning spirit which can allow a person to be easily tricked, manipulated or hypnotized by another person into an ill-advised course of action.

For example, there was a king called Jehoshaphat; the Bible tells us that he allied himself in marriage with another king called Ahab. Not only that he had an alliance with him, he also visited him in his palace, and Ahab generously entertained him and his people.

That was wonderful! But, after all the King’s generosity and they are satisfied, King Ahab then brought out his own agenda. He faced king Jehoshaphat and said to him, “I want you to go to war with me to fight Ramoth Gilead.”

Ramoth Gilead has not done anything bad to king Jehoshaphat; neither has God instructed Jehoshaphat to go and fight Ramoth Gilead, however, he wanted to satisfy his father in-law demand, that may not be bad idea anyway, only if his motive was right.


Many people, especially believers in Christ have collected gifts, and their sensibility or sensitivity has been eroded. But, there is something inside Jehoshaphat that couldn’t agree with king Ahab’s deception and manipulations in a glance. Therefore, he requested for clarity from God.

Jehoshaphat got the answer he needed. “DON’T GO TO WAR WITH AHAB,” However, he neglected the revelation from God, and he followed king Ahab to war. “Why did he do that?” I don’t understand either. Thank God for his mercy on King Ahab. You can read the rest of the story in 2 Chronicles chapter 18.


There is nothing bad in receiving gifts or accolades, if spiritual sensitivity and the coast is clear. But anytime you realize that the gifts are meant to manipulate your life, your assignment; beliefs, and convictions.

I plead unto believers in Christ to be courageously rejecting gifts, and if it’s necessary to return all the ones you have collected in the past. Why? Some gifts are meant to keep you in life time bondage. Beware!



There is someone reading this message right now, the Spirit of the LORD has revealed to you that you were given two items by a woman friend, she’s a pastor, exactly forty-six years old and she is single.

She called those items to you as a souvenir, but, those items are not what she called them for you, one is green in color and the other one is brown in color.

Prayerfully discard those items, and don’t give them to anyone. Take note, before or exactly the seventh day that you discard those items, there is an unwanted irritating mark on your left thigh presently, it will disappear, and before ninety days that issue that you have been struggling with will receive divine attention in the name of Jesus.

There is another lady, you were given three red dresses by three different people on your birthday, but you were wondering how come, was is it a coincidence, but you later neglected the signs.

The Spirit of the Lord says they are not a coincidence, it’s a sign that in three years’ time you shall be murdered. However, if you can return those dresses to the ones who gave them to you and immersed yourself in the shed blood of Jesus you shall not die but live in the name of Jesus. “Are those people connected?” Yes, they are in the same coven.

There is another lady reading this message, you’re having an affair with your Church pastor frequently, and you are one of the deaconesses in your church. Four months ago you traveled out of your country to have an abortion for the same pastor, but four days ago you receive news that you have breast cancer and diabetes. 

The LORD said I should tell you that any surgery or drugs administer to you would be a total failure. In other words, you are going to die.  However; The LORD said if you can call your pastor’s wife, and your husband, exposed all your atrocities with your “pastor” for the past eight months, The Lord said He will heal you instantly, without any surgery and you are not going to die.

Divine Healing Is Real; Divine Health is Ultimate

Look Up To The Hills Your Help Is On The Way

Look Up To The Hills Your Help Is On The Way

Are you someone that is asking, “God when it’s going to be my time?

Although it may look as if you will never be free from your predicament again, relaxed, I have Good news for you from the highest.

The Book of John chapter 16 verse 33 says, I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace and confidence. In the world you have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration; but be of good cheer ! For I have overcome the world.  

There is something significant to take note of, and that is the phrase “I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace and confidence. The word of God Said, “My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips.”

The first thing that believers in Christ need to know and must urgently be doing is to re-aligning themselves and their mentality with Jesus Christ’s mind, and start living according to His instructions. Then only believers in Christ will know the truth and courageously tell the devil to get lost with authority in Christ. 

Some of the reasons why many Christian’s problem persist or continues after they have attended Shiloh programs, Holy Ghost congress, or convention in another Redemption camp is because what many Christian received at the so-called religious meetings was a motivational boost and business strategies to be parting with their Isaac as seed, and that shenanigan might not deal with the real issue in their lives, because it was a mixture of deception and manipulation.

Moreover, their actions and that of their daddy g.o or bishop is a gross violation of Jesus Christ’s principles for receiving His benefits. How? Because Jesus Christ’s blessings are not for the highest bidder or for sale.

Many Christians’ motives are, prosperity, as in material things; they don’t really want to surrender their entire lives to God’s will that can enable them to live the Holy Spirit-guided righteousness lifestyle.

The mode of dressing, or eating moderately is essential; However, Christians cannot be deceiving each other with a mode of dressing, what type of stickers you placed on your car windshield or house entrance doors, knowing within yourself that you’re a devil incarnate that is camouflaging with Church denomination and logo.

As a believer in Christ, if you want the kind of peace that Jesus Christ promised, your focus must be on Jesus Christ’s principles not on any man or woman of god devotional books shenanigans.  

The moment anyone has decided to be following Jesus Christ, and solidly remain in his covenant; everything that has paraded or parading themselves as a shame, obstacle, or stagnation will continue to vanish on their own accord from your life in the name of Jesus. 

When no one knows what you are struggling with, you shall hear a voice of assurance from God saying ”I AM WITH YOU” in the name of Jesus. 

Look up to the hills now; because I see help coming down for you in the name of Jesus.

Repentance Is Necessary For Christ Kingdom Journey

Repentance Is Necessary For Christ’s Kingdom Journey

Sometimes I wonder how answers can still be eluding the so-called believers in Christ, despite the amounts of tithes increments, sacrificial offerings they’re paying, Shiloh programs, Redemption camp congresses, Mountain of fire holy ghost witches, and wizards killer programs, and many Isaac seed conventions in Canaanland that millions of people are attending often.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me that many people are attending all those programs because of what will not last (prosperity) but not for the purpose of the kingdom of God.

Average Christians in Nigeria can read many types of devotional books, starting from open heaven devotional book, the excellency of papa’s wisdom, and many other fictional books written by many special anointed businessmen and women of God more than the Bible, however, their zealousness is not in what Jesus Christ says, neither do they bother about listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Why? Because many people are just searching for emergency ways to have abundant anyhow, Isaac’s seed of prosperity has been proclaimed and propagated by many businessmen daddy g.o, and bishops without considering or waiting on God’s solution and promises.

In the book of revelations chapter 3:1, Jesus Christ says “I know thy works”.

Another scripture says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

Believers in Christ might allow themselves to be cajoled by joining religious business centers that we are calling Churches as members, but how long will it take for a genuine believer in Christ to see, and know the purpose of God for their lives?

Many Nigerians were baited with some foreign aid to be stealing their nation’s resources and treasures because their leaders are extremely greedy, selfish, lack vision and an extremely number of them are unrepentance thieves. However, when some group of people wants to change their allegiance from the commandments of God to legalize abominable acts, they all rejected it in one accord, regardless of their religious background; I wonder why can’t they renounce and reject other abominable acts in their nation in one accord.


I wonder if average Nigerian Christians still have a presentable home anymore? “Why did you ask that question?” Because many so-called men and women of God in Nigeria, Bishop, Pastor, General Overseer, Prophet, Prophetesses, Papa all over the nation of Nigeria and their religious business centers are now waging war against many marriages and homes, helping many spouses to be destroying their homes, simply because of money.


If they didn’t see their members’ mothers as witches, they will see their fathers as wizards, their husbands may be seen as ritual killers, they may see wives with water spirit husbands, they will see the children as someone that came from an unknown world, and the only solution the religious businessmen and women on the pulpit will profer is for such to come and join a redemption camp, mountain of fire or Shiloh camp of myths and fallacies and many other religious camps of bondage and slaveries to come and be sowing their Isaac as seed and dumping their fraudulent tithes with increments.

No wonder Christian values are deteriorating daily, simply because the supposed men and women of God in various religious business centers are bent on destroying the foundation of many marriages or homes, because of tithes, first fruits, sacrificial offerings, covenant projects, and sowing of Isaac as seeds around Shiloh business camp.

“What did you mean by the above statement?” I meant, many Churches have become social gatherings where many people that allowed many special anointed preachers to destroy their homes to be having a pity party with each other. Any specially anointed preacher that says you should divorce your husband or wife for any reason once you have done the necessary must be cautious. Especially if they are bombarding you with manipulated scriptures that you are yoking with an unbeliever because a party is against the doctrines of under duress tithes, Firstfruit, unending minister conferences, daddy g.o or mummy g.o anniversary, Papa’s birthday, and sowing endless faith-seeds to their church wallet while your home is lacking. Beware!

Many of these mammon preachers, that are asking you not to yoke with unbelievers, go and look at them behind the scene, or ask the Holy Spirit to unveil them unto you, you will find out that they are not only yoking with unbelievers, but they have permanent rooms with unbelievers thieves and murderers, collecting their money as tithes and using it to be building more business centers and they are calling it a redemption camp, Shiloh camp and many other names that can fascinate you.

Some of them are even using believers in Christ’s tithes, first fruits, Isaac seed, and many other offerings that Jesus Christ has not commanded, to be buying generators and mats for mosques, while they are cursing believers in Christ in every service for not paying tithes, increasing it or not paying it on time.

The worst of all is that they are all having fun by always ordaining seniors born again that still indulge in all types of visible sins and hidden atrocities as franchise parish pastors. Based on common sense that an individual has and the word of God that we all know, coupled with the leading of the Holy Spirit, sin remains a sin no matter who commits it, and without repentance, there is no remission of sin.

Jesus said to that lady they brought to him that committed adultery, “…neither do I condemn you but go sin no more. What’s hard in interpreting that? VERY SIMPLE, IT MEANS STOP SINNING! And repentance is necessary!

Don’t think that you are clever because you can manipulate scriptures.

In the book of Revelations 3:1, Jesus says “I know thy works”. 1 Corinthians 3:11-15 says a day is coming when believers’ works will be revealed with fire. Brethren, never consider yourself clever if God chooses not to reveal your secrets in your lifetime. However, if you have chosen to be going in the sinners’ way remember your starting point.


Apostle Paul also declares that “all that will live Godly in Christ shall suffer persecution” 2 Timothy 3:12.

So, if I may ask, why is it that persecution is diving down among the Christians of this dispensation while immoralities, covetousness, and fraudulent prosperity are becoming the new normal for Christians? Yet, many franchise parishes are springing up in every corner per second?

If a wicked government is giving an award to a man of God; what does that tell you?

The main reason is that churches have conformed to the worldly standard, therefore awakening no opposition, many ministers in the so-called kingdom of christ are seemed worse than the politicians when it comes to money. They have different rules for the poor which are harsh and “truth” but diplomatic rules for the wealthy people from the same Bible because of money.

For example, when a general overseer said God told him to ordain a thief and adulterer as a Pastor, It took me four years trying to digest that deception, but I can not, and the Holy Spirit couldn’t confirm it either, therefore I found it appropriate to confront this lie with appropriate clarity with the Holy Spirit leading. As “half pastor” you knew that someone is a thief, a habitual adulterer, and still indulges in other sins yet he is comfortable in your camp, and after many years, not only that he was comfortable with sins, he also wanted a promotion. AMAZING!

Believers in Christ, does the man involve sound like a Born again Christian, not to talk of being a part-time pastor?

  1. Read it by yourself, “One day a man came to me and said that he had been in the church ever before I joined yet he had not been ordained as a full pastor. I replied to him that God is the one that chooses, man. Then he asked me to tell God that he has been on the waiting list for years. When he left, the Lord asked me to ordain him even though he was a thief, a habitual adulterer, and still indulge in other sins. Shocked, I asked God, “How can I ordain such a fellow?” “And He replied, “so that he will have no excuse in the day of judgment”. A few months after his ordination, he died and went to face God with the title of “Pastor”

Can anyone enter into the kingdom of God (eternal life) with the title of a pastor?

God does what he pleases! Of course yes we know that, but God will not lie; most importantly believers in Christ need to be discerning when some things that are not pleasing to God are happening around them. How? By taking them to God in prayer for clarity.

2. The same general overseer said, in one of his minister conferences, “If a Pastor is caught in the web of fornication he ceases to provide spiritual cover for the sheep. From that moment, enemies arrows shot at members that should have passed over them will hit their mark because the leader has broken the edge”. My question is this, fornication and adultery which one is the worse?

If I may ask this question from spiritual gurus; will God willingly endanger the life of His children by approving the ordination of an adulterer as a pastor?

Now, don’t tell me you don’t know what is going on in Christianity; Honestly, the world will love this type of church; (deception camp) that can manipulate God’s word as it suites them, and that is one of the reasons why they have millions of businesspeople among them, without impacting the society, except in covetousness, stealing, adultery, hidden marriages, divorces, and Isaac seed collection.

If you are a thief, a habitual adulterer; or you indulge in other sins, but you are working in an oil company, lawyer, Judge, importer, exporter, a c.e.o of any business or bank you are automatically qualified for a deacon, deaconess and franchise parish position, if not a zonal coordinator in Nigeria influential man and woman of God fold. Wealth is the criteria for their call.

They love using such types of people to be expanding their franchise business centers, wallets, and bank accounts, not God’s kingdom. You don’t have to receive any call from God, your money will be a guarantor for you to be called. Incredible! God have mercy on us! As long as heaven and earth remain, the above is what we will continue to get in Redemption camps because fables and prosperity are what many Christians are thirsting for.

Isaiah 59:2. But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you so that he cannot hear.”

Are you still wondering why there are a lot of false testimonies in Nigerian churches? It was because they have false miracles in the first place. Brother and Sister, Christianity is not about prosperity only, Christians need to be standing for the truth of Christ at all times, even when it’s going to hurt or cost them their lives.

Importantly, Christians don’t have to take any franchise Parish, if God truly calls them. One person that you lead to Jesus Christ on aided with tithes and faith seed is enough, and as a believer in Christ, you don’t have to build eight hundred and fifty acres of deception camps all over the world. If you genuinely believe in eternity, all your diplomacy will not get you there, so, stop deceiving yourself.


If you are not yet born again, you can do so now by saying this prayer: Lord Jesus, I come to you today. I cannot help myself. I am a sinner, forgive me my sins. From today, I accept you as my Lord and my Savior. Thank You for saving me! Always remember divine healing is real; Jesus is Lord!

Does The United States Of America Really Care About The Poor?

Does The United States Of America Really Care About The Poor?

The reason why the United States of America Government supported Good Luck Jonathan to remove the fuel subsidy is not that they love Nigerians and their economy, “According to the US government press release, the fuel subsidy in Nigeria is very costly and has kept the prices abnormally low.”

I don’t know what is very costly in Nigeria’s subsidy, except for their leaders’ corruption in conjunction with the Western leaders.

  • Average Nigerians are living on two dollars a day, and Madam Clinton, the United State of America government representative doesn’t see that as abnormally low for a nation with multiple resources, including oil.
  • Given Nigerians, the visa lottery to come and be living in their country, at the cost of American citizens, is not abnormally high for their country.
  • Given their own citizens unemployment is not abnormally high for their country.
  • Given their citizens Medicaid and Medicare is not abnormally high for the United States of America.
  • Given many Churches grants is not abnormally high for the United States of America.
  • Subsidizing agricultural products is not abnormally high for the United States of America.
  • Bailing their liquidated companies out from trouble is not abnormally high for the United States America.
  • Fighting war that doesn’t concerns them around the world is not abnormally high for the United States of America.

The United States of America is preaching around the world that they wanted to help Africa to come out of poverty and oppression.

My question to the Secretary of State for the United States of America, Hillary Clinton is this, how will eradicating poverty in Nigeria be possible when you and your government are giving support to destroy the citizens of Nigeria more? Think about that.

Nigeria government if you rely on the United States of America and Britain without caution you will be doomed forever.                                       

Remember divine healing is real and Jesus is Lord!

January 1, 2012