Healing Hour Ministry Do Not Solicit For Money, Please Beware

Friends of Healing Hour Ministry, please,

Healing Hour Evangelical Mission, or anyone claiming to be representing the ministry, please beware! If anyone asks you for a donation or makes any financial request in our ministry’s name. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO SUCH REQUEST! 

We Do Not Solicit For Money Nor Raise Funds.

We thank God daily for each of you supporting us with love and for those who are dedicated in supporting us through their prayers, Thank you.

We are all part of God’s plan and kingdom assignment; we also know that many of you are eager to help our ministry, however, please don’t let anyone take advantage of your good heart.

For more inquiry, please contacts us @

Tel: +1 706 568 8692, 234 806 754 2960, 234 813 833 1494.

Email: healinghourministry@gmail.com.

URL: www.healinghourevangelicalmission.org

Thank you, and God Bless You All!

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