Sentiment And Compassion Can not Replace Sensitivity In Christ Kingdom

Sentiment And Compassion Can not Replace Sensitivity In Christ’s Kingdom.

Sentiment And Compassion Are Major Tools That Enemies Are Using To Defray and Destroying Many Christians. Note: Whenever people intentionally scam others and they are caught, if the opportunity presents itself, such people might kill their victims.

To Be Compassionate Is Necessary; At The Same Time, Been Sensitive Is Of The Utmost.

Do You Know That Sometimes You Will Think You’re Offering Assistance To the needy, But The Truth Is That You’ve Been Scammed If The Holy Spirit Has Not Instructed You?

Often, what you’re doing may be digging a grave for yourself and your future generation. As a Believer in Christ, you must always allow the Holy Spirit to direct you before you help anyone, even in your supposed house of God. Believers in Christ, you do not have to give every time your general overseer, bishop, or guest ministers raise sacrificial offerings. Always remember that God gave you some responsibility that you must take care of, too.

A Litmus Test To Know Maybe You’re Compassionately Wrong, Or You’re Truly Hearing The Voice Of The Holy Spirit, ”Do I Truly Have What A General Overseer Or Bishop Is Asking Us To Give?” “Is my giving without listening to the Holy Spirit still considered an acceptable sacrifice to God, even though I know what I am giving was stolen? Christians Must Always Consult The Holy Spirit, Be Wise, and Beware!

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