Believers In Christ That Doesn’t Know What They Believe Are The Ones Killing Their Respective Nations With Fraudulent Isaac’s Seed Sowing Fallacy

Believers In Christ That Doesn’t Know What They Believe Are The Ones Killing Their Respective Nations With Fraudulent Isaac’s Seed Sowing Fallacy

The degradation of Christian Faith in various Shiloh camps and Redemption camps business centers in Nigeria started a very long time ago, with religious myths and fallacies, the innocent zealous Christians just wasn’t pay attention.

Sometimes ago, Bishop David Oyedepo while ministering said, “I am not hiding, I am not Hoarding” After his ministration I asked one of his Pastors, Sir, Bishop Oyedepo just told us that since they started Publishing of books and selling them, he had never touched a kobo from it. He also said if we see his accountant we should ask him. Doesn’t that sounds like hiding and hoarding?

The Pastor answered “bishop had enough that he may not even touch the money for the rest of his life. Really! I then told the pastor, I think I have that type of account before I got born again, you can add money to it, however you cannot withdraw anything from it, Otherwise, you will forfeit the benefit. Now I understand better that Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo is not hiding, neither hoarding, he just has a secured account for his next generation.

I still don’t know why many Christians are encouraging their various businessmen and women tagged Bishops and General Overseers on Jesus Christ’s pulpit to be defrauding them and hoarding the money for their next generation in secret accounts abroad, wasting the rest on frivolous lifestyle and continually coming back to be giving cock and bull stories to innocents believers in Christ, for more collection.


Many believers in Christ continually asking for assistant for non-existence problems or needs from their neighbors, friends and relatives. And when their neighbors, whether they are Christian or non Christian, give them the support they requested for because of the fear of God in them. Then, the so-called believers in Christ will end up and gamble with the assistance that was given to them by unbelievers in their respective Redemption camps, Canaanland, Mountains of Fire and many other religious real estate business centers in the name of sowing faith seeds, Isaac seed or fulfilling fraudulent pledges towards someone’s private jet or a Covenant University that cannot serve the commoners


Anyone doing the above should be seen as a fraudster. Why? Because the assistance that was given to them was tagged for a specific need not to go and sow faith seeds in Canaanland or any religious business centers. Moreover, Jesus Christ’s disciples don’t go around to be borrowing money to feed Jesus Christ, so believers in Christ stop borrowing money or defrauding others to be feeding your various Daddy g.o or Bishop frivolous lifestyle.

Can you imagine if disciples of Jesus Christ had collected the food that Jesus Christ fed five thousand people with from wherever they got it and not channeled it to the right source. Or maybe Jesus’ disciples had hidden the assistance they received in other to go and give it as first fruits to the Pharisees and the Sadducees in their respective Redemption camps, Perhaps waiting for another assistance to be squander in other to receive an accolade and position as the best Tither? That means Five thousand people without children and women would have remained in hunger.

In conclusion, the Professing Christ followers are part of their respective nation’s problems.

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