It Is Okay If People Misunderstood You

It Is Okay If People Misunderstood You

As long as you understand your calling and assignment, that is fine with God. Importantly, ensure you always consider the scenario of the old prophet and the prophet from Judah before you fall for the sentiments or shenanigans of so-called anointed men or women of God.


Don’t you know that many people, including Jesus’ disciples, misunderstood Jesus Christ while He was on earth doing His assignment?

If you know that, why do you think your case should be or will be different, even though Jesus Christ already mentioned it in advance to those who believe in Him

The important thing for you, as a believer in Christ, is to make sure you are not caught up in the web of erroneous religious teachings, myths, fraudulent attitudes, and manipulations from any minister’s conference, congress, Shiloh camp’s program manipulations, or mathematical and fictional open heaven devotional books.

However, it is a must to remember that every believer in Christ must be ready and continue to stand in the righteousness of Jesus Christ by faith, with courage and boldness to repeat whatever they have said in the hidden if necessary or needed for open clarification. Since Jesus Christ was misunderstood, believers in Christ, yours will not be the first or the last. But you must learn how to get over it.

How was Jesus Christ misunderstood?

The following scripture says, “Because of this, the rumor spread among the believers that this disciple would not die. But Jesus did not say that he would not die; he only said, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you?” John 21:23.

You’re probably a misfit in a prophetic ministry if you believe in Christ and don’t want people to misunderstand what you are saying or doing as God’s messenger in Christ’s kingdomWe believe prophetic ministry is preaching the Bible revelation accurately and precisely as interpreted or revealed by the Holy Spirit. Not by various shenanigans that theologians are dishing out in different open heaven holy books of the “Pharisees and the Sadducees” of this new dispensation in their different Shiloh camp and Redemption camp business centers.

Speaking forth the written Word of Jesus Christ, which includes relaying existing information in the Bible that seems new from heaven, sincerely requires the Holy Spirit’s guidance and interpretations, not the strategies of mathematicians.

There is much information about the freedom of Jesus Christ in the Bible, which believers in Christ can safely call the “emancipation proclamation of Jesus Christ.” From the above scripture. But, the “Pharisees and the Sadducees” of this dispensation don’t want born-again Christians to know anything about them. No one can gain entrance into the realm of divine revelation from the spiritual realm if they love to coast along with the strategies of another General Overseer, such as a few Isaac’s seed sowing Bishop or tithe increments.

The freedom of Jesus Christ is beyond payments of tithe increments that have been ratified by Jesus Christ, compulsive giving of outdated first fruit, sacrificial offerings, sowing Isaac as seed, or for the Holy Spirit endowed born again Christian to be waiting on what a mathematician daddy g.o or real estate guru businessman bishop said or will say in their respective Redemption camp or Shiloh camp business centers without verifying from the Holy Spirit. Freedom from Jesus Christ will always come through divine revelation that will usher believers in Christ into a divine revolution backed by the approval of the Holy Spirit.

I have not yet seen it anywhere in the Bible where Jesus Christ denies His statement to fit into the midst of the rulers, millionaires, politicians, business people, and the government of His day because of the fear of death. Everyone in Jesus Christ’s dispensation always counts on Jesus’s words and faithfulness.

Jesus emphasized, “These things I have spoken to you while being present with you. But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you. John 14:25-26.

Believers in Christ, there are over two hundred and fifty versions of Bibles, and every translation or transliteration has its hidden secrets lying somewhere in there, named “easy to understand.” Suppose The new generations of Christians are not extremely careful. In that case, many mathematicians’ Devotional books such as Open Heaven, Mountain Top Experience, and many other Isaac’s Seed Sowing Men and Women of Gods fictional books might be turned into another version of the Bible shortly for the ignorant ones to be consuming.


If they coined or cooked up their messages based on the best tithe increment or Isaac’s seed-sowing status in a Shiloh camp, they might be diplomatic; however, if the Message is from God, My Brothers and Sisters, believers in Christ, in Jesus Christ’s kingdom assignment, don’t have power over that; they can not be diplomatic nor use their compassionate gifts with God’s messages.

I have read about it in the scriptures and seen it firsthand in the life of a particular so-called anointed man of God who said God told him that he had lost it. Believers in Christ must choose carefully between the meaning of what they are saying and what they will be speaking forth. They must decide whether to tone it down to suit the people in authority and their wealthy business partners if they don’t want them to be offended.

Unfortunately, the above choice is not at the disposal of any genuinely called and faithful disciples of Christ. Therefore, based on this or other reasons, the disciples of Jesus Christ or ministers of God on assignment owe no man or woman of God, whether they’re old prophets, specially anointed daddy g.o, or bishop of this dispensation, any explanation whenever they are carrying out their kingdom assignment.

Various daddy g.o. and bishops ahead of you might decide to manipulate scriptures for their selfish interest or a safe landing. But they should also consider and keep in mind that God still has many Nathan in reserve that He reveals things too, and He will continue to do so whenever He wants them to take action; that was how things were in the kingdom of God.

It is still unchangeable in Jesus Christ’s kingdom, despite the so-called civilization that has invaded Shiloh camps and other religious business centers, except if that messenger wants to be a dropout from the Kingdom of God’s calling and rewards just because some group of people, or supposed specially anointed or influential men and women of God, are misquoting and misunderstanding them.

Someone may think I am talking excessively about the extraordinary anointed businessmen and women on various pulpits. Relax, don’t stress yourself out; your daddy, g.o, and bishops understood God’s messages perfectly. They will act on it at the appointed time. I pray that it will not be too late.

In conclusion, Practicing the way of Jesus Christ with different manuals, such as a Ph.D. in mathematics, another degree in architectural design, a mountaintop experience of biochemistry, or another mathematician’s open heaven Devotional book, is extremely dangerous for believers in Christ who want to remain focused on their assignment and dependent on the Holy Spirit. For a safe landing to eternal life in Jesus Christ’s destination, believers in Christ must always allow the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and follow His instructions to detail for divine directions.

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