Now Is The Best Time For Christians/Christian Leaders To Shrink All Unrighteous Mammon

“Jesus said to him, “If you wish to be complete, go and sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.”  Matthew 19:21

Christian leaders want many people to receive Christ, committed and faithful to the kingdom of God and His purposes. But many men of God don’t want the children of God’s faithfulness to God to interfere with their bank account in other words, their income. How can this be?

Christian Leaders Should Desist From Encouraging The True Followers of Christ In Fraudulent Act Because Many of Them Had Encountered The Spirit of Truth And Are Willing To Change Their Hypocritical And Fraudulent Ways of Living.

For instance what many men of God considered as faithfulness in their congregations is this,  “it doesn’t matter to them how you got your money, been in a millionaire’s club for the sustenance of their businesses is very important for their “kingdom growth.” Some of the men of God are even advising their members that Jesus was rich Therefore they also must get rich anyhow; In other words, if someone can’t pledge or sow seeds as others do, to them something is wrong with such person Christian life. 

Many of these ministers of God are preaching with “Ph.D. fire”; it’s just that their neither cold or hot preaching don’t burn any sinful acts in their member’s lives. And their “prosperity” preaching has failed to reduce fraudsters in our Churches and society.  

Why? Because many of the Bishops and the General Overseers are the custodians of thieves, kidnappers, armed robbers, and political fraudsters.  Many of these men of God consciences have lost the Holy Ghost fire, and it’s dead.

“Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the LORD.”

Sometimes I love to consider some of the advises that many people are sending to us daily’ but each time I try to open my mouth to speak sweet (flattery) words as they’ve suggested that I should be doing, the bullets of the truth that I have discovered just wouldn’t stop coming out, and when it comes out of my mind, hitting someone especially the fraudulent Bishops and General Overseers is inevitable.


I feel like I need to apologize for hurting someone’s feelings sometimes, but I understand much better now that emotions must be touch before flesh would take note and comply. 

What many General Overseers and Bishops need to understand is that we don’t need more secular businesses/Redemption camps that can hold millions of members operated by seeds and sacrificial offerings collected under duress anymore.  

What we really need right now is millions of Redeemed heart that will dare to be doing things with the fear of God regardless of who is not agreeing with them in our homes and society. 

Brethren, let’s think about this and make necessary amendment wherever it is needed the time is really near. Enjoy the rest of your week in the name of Jesus.

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