When Religious Status And “Good Intention” Is Not Good Enough To Rule A Complicated Nation

When Religious Status And “Good Intention” Is Not Good Enough To Rule A complicated Nation

The Lord Said To Nigerians: There Is No Cause For Alarm Because The Perfect Wind Of Reorganization Will Blow Very Soon.

I like President Muhammadu Buhari as a person, but that is not enough for me not to carry out my kingdom assignment.


In the year 2015, The Lord asked me to warn President Buhari before the nation’s presidential election that he would not survive the deception he wanted to enter into; however, he neglected it.

Do you think your warning will get to him? Don’t worry about that, the Lord said; I should tell President Buhari if you fear Him and have a love of your nation in mind, you’re in the wrong group. Now that it’s obvious that Buhari and Osinbajo are exposing their invisible corruption, lies, and propaganda to everyone per second, where should Nigerians go from here?

There is one thing that I know: I will not be intimidated to repeat God’s mind when it’s evident that my nation is failing. The future generation is been destroyed gradually and speedily.

For someone to say that President Buhari and Osibajo are free of corruption can only be a mental disorder or temporary insanity, which is known as a fallacy. Such can only be said or agreed with anyone because poverty and covetousness have destroyed many people’s consciences in Nigeria. As of this morning in Nigeria, all politicians are corrupt by their setup, and the so-called special anointed religious leaders who are their business partners in crime are equally corrupt.

Don’t let it surprise you; ninety-nine percent, if not a hundred percent, of Nigeria’s religious leaders are incredibly and humbly corrupt, especially the special anointed and influential ones among them. There is no such thing as the righteousness of Christ, and you’re extremely rich or ”dangerously wealthy” in the nation of Nigeria as of this morning, October 16, 2016.

Nigerians, Tighten Up! Remnants Congratulations And Relax!

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