Stepping Out In Jesus Christ’s Faith Don’t Need Tithe Increment Or Isaac Seed Sowing Strategy Other Than Trusting In Jesus Christ That Called You

Stepping Out In Jesus Christ’s Faith Don’t Need Tithe Increment Or Isaac Seed Sowing Strategy Other Than Trusting In Jesus Christ That Called You

• First, Christians, otherwise known as believers in Christ, must know exactly what faith in Jesus Christ entails so that they will not be confusing faith in Jesus Christ with tithe increments, faith seed, Isaac seed sowing, many other religious strategies and manipulations of supposed men and women of God in various Shiloh camps, Canaanland, or any other Redemption camps. Why? Because if they do, their result will surely be fear, anxiety, unbelief, depression, and total devastation due to spiritual ignorance.

• Second, as a believer in Christ that has concluded to step out in Jesus Christ’s Faith, you must also bear in mind that tests and challenges are real and will undoubtedly come on every believer in Christ’s way, so write that down because challenges will surely come. However, if any challenge arises, as a believer in Christ, you must be courageous and bold always to encourage yourself in the Lord. Not increasing your tithes, giving first fruit, faith seed, or sowing your Isaac as seed into religious myths and fallacies. Why? Because God will surely pass through every test or challenge with those sincere believers in Christ.

Believers in Christ, God is who He says He is, regardless of your various religious camps shenanigans; however, if the manipulations of various Shiloh campus minister’s conferences, conventions, congresses, or seminars that you have attended are what you have decided to be used in following, or relying upon Him, then, you may be disappointed and landed yourself in depression for a very long time in various Redemption camps, Canaanland and Shiloh camps, if you allow yourself to be led through their religiosity and business route.

For believers in Christ not to continually fall into multiple religiosities and erroneous teachings in various mountains simply mean that believers in Christ must learn how to be getting over their previous falling from religious myths and shenanigans with patience; Importantly, they must stop blaming God, or their Daddy g.o, Bishop, Pastor, or Prophet for their ignorance or foolishness.

As a believer in Christ, if all you know how to be doing is giving away your children’s school fees and other family member’s inheritances as Isaac’s seed towards buying “private evangelism jets” or building religious real estate projects and other businesses for a few special anointed religious businessmen and women, pastor, daddy g.o or bishop in various Shiloh camps to be sold for highest bidders politicians, the best tither, Isaac seed sower in their midst, then you have been hypnotized and defrauded.

Suppose a supposed believer in Christ continues to act on the commandment of a special anointed man or woman of God without first-hand instruction for divine direction from the Holy Spirit. In that case, when the time comes, it will be your sole responsibility to deal with your inflicted problems by the time everything begins to fall apart. And when it finally comes to that level of degradation and comatose situation, don’t resolve to anger, endeavor to connect with the Holy Spirit for easy-to-resolve wisdom.

Believers in Christ, kindly wake up from every Redemption camp and Canaanland religious shenanigans so that when your daddy g.o and bishop’s children are schooling in foreign countries and enjoying their lives, your children will not be struggling with daddy g.o and bishop’s evil sons and daughters all around religious business centers, sowing your Isaac as seed and becoming until you become nonentities in government hands before your children are getting into public schools with agony, getting a job with tears, finding health care with their lives savings, yet, none of these essential will be in view until many of them resolve to be selling pure waters on the streets, highways or resolved to fraudulent acts before they will survive.

Many believers in Christ don’t have any other interpretation of faith in Christ than what the Apostle Paul says; what is God saying to you after you have read what the Apostle Paul said and read the entire year open heaven devotional book?

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you? What does Jesus Christ say to His disciples, then? What is He saying to you as a believer in Him right now or wherever you are through the comforter, the Holy Spirit He sent to believers? 

Believers in Christ must urgently be learning how to be emboldening themselves in their faith in Christ and be courageous to leave the open heaven devotional book of tithes increments and various religious payments alone. At least for a while until they are sure they have been detoxed spiritually, receive back their sensitivity, and can independently walk with the Holy Spirit for guidance. Importantly believers in Christ must endeavor to read the Bible and pay utmost attention to the Holy Spirit’s interpretation for guidance.

Please go and read 2 Chronicles chapters 20:15-23, ruminate on verse 22, and see what faith in Christ looks like. You can also take your time to read the book of Matthew, chapter 14:22-33, and ruminate on Verse 30.

  • Faith in Christ is not about seeing your neighbor with a new vehicle. Suddenly you hear God speaking to you in a Shiloh camp or Redemption camp that you too can have one anyhow because you are one of the best tithers and addicted Isaac seed sowers.
  • Faith in Christ is not proving to unbelievers or believers’ neighbors that you are one of the best tithers, that is paying ninety percent of his income to a Redemption camp, an addicted faith seed sower in Shiloh camp, or an Isaac seed sower to another Canaanland that will give you access to “greatest God,” well, I am so sorry to tell you this if that is what you are calling faith in Christ, or that’s what your motivational speakers in various Shiloh camps and Redemption camps made you believe, very soon you might die of debt. After you’ve long gone, you will leave many debts for your children and great-grandchildren to settle with Canaanland business centers. Why? Because many of your actions presently are called foolishness, greediness, covetousness, and unbelief that will eventually boomerang, that is not Faith in Christ.
  • Faith in Christ is coming to an understanding with God’s word, and having faith in Christ means you must surrender all your intellectual, including all your Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics, Oprah Winfrey’s advice, Dr. Phil’s television shows knowledge, and many other special anointed men and women business gurus suggested visibility studies and other fraudulent strategies that you are using in the Christ kingdom assignment to the Holy Spirit Instruction for God’s direction that would give you supernatural blessings, and divine wisdom that will not add sorrow.

Faith in Christ simply means trusting in God that He will do whatever He says He will do once you have yielded to His way and instruction for direction.

I don’t dispute that God inspires all scriptures; however, I will dare to say this and continue to say that every believer in Christ should watch out and pay extreme attention to every manipulative interpretation of scriptures in various minister conferences, seminars, conventions, or congresses, especially when all believers have the privilege to be having direct communication with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ says, “It is expedient for me to go so that I will send the comforter to teach you and remind you of all things,” In other words, it is expedient for me to go so that I will send someone who will keep unfolding the truth unto you, versus errors, manipulations, and lies of so-called men and women of God.

Jesus Christ never mentions anywhere in His conversation with or to His disciples that Apostle Paul, Peter, or James will represent the comforter. Therefore, whatever they said can be scrutinized by the Holy Spirit, not to talk of what some mathematical knowledge general overseer or architectural knowledge bishop says.

Importantly, when any believer in Christ is trusting God for something or maybe wants to step out into God’s promises by faith, often you will hear many people saying, “I am stepping out in faith,” Such people must be very careful of the below scripture when dealing with God’s instructions through revelation from His words or one on one communication with the Holy Spirit.

“Wisdom is profitable to direct” from the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 10, verse 10, is a Scriptural quotation that has been misused, it has misled, and it can mislead many more Christians if they’re not extremely careful and endeavor to be using it in context; Especially when they are dealing with the Faithfulness of God or other issues of faith. To begin with, which wisdom does anyone has that will above God’s wisdom and instructions?

Probably Sarai, Abram’s wife, got hold of the above scripture too, and that was why she gave her maid to Father Abram because she thought “wisdom is profitable to direct” so that Abram would not go in with Hagar “mistakenly” But guess what? Her shenanigans failed the entire family, and the world is still paying the price of Sarai’s mistake called wisdom now.

Because someone has a Ph.D. degree in Theology, Divinity, Biochemistry, or Mathematics does not mean that the same person has enough of the Holy Spirit’s wisdom or that he or she is equivalent to God. It simply means that such a person has the knowledge that can give them the approval of worldly people for a worldly living. And since what we are talking about in Christ’s kingdom is about faith for supernatural living, your Ph.D. degree in Theology, Divinity, Mathematics, daddy g.o, or bishop’s title on religious manipulation becomes irrelevant.

Someone may even have three Ph.D. degrees in any other field they like, including business strategies and connections that may bag them a professor in economics; it may also qualify them for a one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars job annually. But guess what? They may still not have a dime in their bank account. Such is known as a Ph.D. degree holder in disaster, it can only confuse anyone with such a degree more, and such a person will end up confusing everyone around him or her with “wisdom is profitable to direct” economic strategies.

Believers in Christ, there is nothing called tithes increment or Isaac seed sowing strategies when you are walking with Jesus Christ or in Christ’s kingdom assignment by faith or trusting God for His direction; keep on doing what God has laid your hands on and continue to wait on God’s benefits and rewards patiently until He comes. I assure you, He will surely come!

Let me give you a few examples; maybe that will bring you back to trusting God.

A few years ago, after we prayed to God for a house, the Lord told us we should go ahead. After the go-ahead from God, we carefully consider everything we have with our “wisdom,” yet, it doesn’t add up or make sense to us.

For many days, my wife would wake me up instead of us sleeping; my wife would say let’s do the maths together again. I will pick a pen my wife would be dictating; still, it doesn’t make sense to us. However, once God has spoken to me, I keep replaying it to myself louder so that no Daddy g.o. or bishop can talk me out of God’s promises.

One of the reasons why Christian households must have a husband that God designated in their marriage is so that God can hold someone responsible for anything they allowed to befall their household; For this reason, I called every Godly husband designated officer for God to hold accountable in their family period. They are in God’s will, not because they have a Ph.D. in theology or finance. Importantly, a husband should not use their God-given position to be trampling upon their wife and should not sub come to emotional blackmailing either.

To cut the story short, we stepped out in faith, but the enemy stepped in with anger and his usual lies; But, because we are standing in God’s promises in one accord, we defeated the fathers of lies, but not without a challenge.

How? Two weeks before our house closing date, my appointment was terminated. Why? God! While I was working, stepping out in faith does not make sense; now that I don’t have a job anymore, don’t you think we need reconsideration?


Ask your neighbor, if Jesus Christ doesn’t fear the crowd, that with His authority He called Lazarus forth, why are you a supposed believer in Christ so fearful? That same week, God’s favor located me, and I was called by another company to whom I had submitted my application over a year; they gave me a good job with an excellent pay package; case closed!

I prophesy unto someone’s life right now that the favor of God would not cost you a tithe increment or your Isaac as seed in any Shiloh camp or Redemption camp business center before locating you in the name of Jesus.


Again, the enemy tried another lie; not quite long that we bought our house, my wife’s job faced some challenges, and finally, they were out of business. There was a backup, but it would only last for seven months, called an unemployment check in a sane country.

She took advantage of the unemployment check for seven months, when it remains a week to end; as we are still thinking of where to go from there, the Lord said I should tell her to establish what He has given her. Suddenly the nation’s president signed another bill that would extend unemployment checks for more months, but God said she would not need that check anymore, and truly she did not. Tell someone beside you to be careful of what they may be called supernatural or blessings from God; it may put your destiny on hold for a longer period.


Most human beings love gifts and freebies, and that is why many people are not moving forward, not because they are not programmed to, but because freebies have destroyed their sensitivity to the things of the Spirit; freebies are useful tools in the hands of the enemy for those that don’t have discerning Spirit. 

When my wife received that letter, we did not accept it because it violated God’s instruction and direction for our lives; what God said to tell her was to start doing what I have endowed her with, not to start collecting unemployment checks all around.

Many people that love to quote scriptures may find “wisdom is profitable to direct” useful in this type of scenario; however, it may be a trap in the hands of the enemy when he wants to turn any child of God against obeying God’s instruction. And that is one of the reasons many people’s wisdom is to direct them into a slavery camp or to remain in a slavery camp once they fail because they will not know where to go anymore. 

Sometimes the enemy may use the people you love most to truncate your destiny; you need to know how to put them in their right places when such people show up camouflaging with compassion.

Our pastor gave my wife a piece of advice and stated many reasons why she could not step out by faith; from the medical angle to the economic situation of the nation, our pastor even suggested some strategies to be put in place before she would lunch out. But, since a pastor was not the head of our household nor a designated officer for our household, we dared to show the pastor our faith in Christ’s card, and that was how we destroyed another fear and every tactic of the enemy.

Today we are giving God all the glory, not men or women of God, and all the ones that said she would not make it then still can not fathom how she’s going forth daily in God’s faithfulness. Believers in Christ, obedience to God’s instruction is not by tithes, first fruit, Isaac seed sowing, or seed faith strategies. It is simply by faith in Christ, and it doesn’t cost us our family resources as sacrificial offerings or tithes increments to any daddy g.o or bishop.

Let us reason together, which of the first fruits men and women of God are collecting? Is it the one Eve and Adam had already eaten in the garden of Eden, or the one that the angels barricaded them out of Eden not to touch for the rest of their lives?

Believers in Christ, once you’re born again in Christ, all you need to do is to check your way with the Holy Spirit if, it aligns with Jesus Christ’s will; if He gives you a clean bill, then anchors your faith and trust in him, and if not, it is a must that you reconcile with the Holy Spirit.


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