Do You Have Instruction From Jesus Christ Before You Step Out?

Do You Have Instruction From Jesus Christ Before You Step Out?

Healing Hour Ministry And The Entire Ministers In Christ Vineyard Welcome You To The Month Of April In The Name Of Jesus. Don’t Think That Anyone Is Fooling You, It’s Real! 

Undoubtedly, this is another month in the year 2014, and it is the fourth month; Yes, you heard it right, the fourth Month. Some people are already enjoying their peace with free blessings from Jesus Christ, while many others are still struggling with the sowing of their Isaac as seed strategies, yet they have not yet received their peace in various Redemption camps, not to talk of the blessings of God that Jesus Christ paid for that will not add sorrow.

Although there are a few people that have been fraudulently blessed without peace of mind, I will call that one religious disaster that is camouflaged as blessings. Why? Because the scripture made us understand that, “The blessing of the Lord—it makes rich, and He adds no sorrow with it .” Therefore, I prophesy that this fourth month, April 2014 you shall enter into your fulfillment in the name of Jesus.

Many people including the best tithers, Isaac seed sower, and faith seed gamblers are still asking, “Lord when is it going to be my time?” The Lord said I should tell you that your time is now! And He said you should stop wasting your time by squandering the resources God has given to you for sustenance on any Mountain of fire, Shiloh camp, or Redemption camp business center before your fulfillment time comes, there will always be time and season for blessings that will last, wait for yours.

Believers In Christ Need Divine Instruction For Direction From The Holy Spirit, Not Tithe, First Fruit, Faith Seed, Sowing Isaac As Seed, Sacrificial Offering, Or Pledging What They Don’t Have To A Spiritual Father Or Mother.

Pay attention to the following scenario, a conversation transpired between someone with one of Jesus Christ’s disciples, Jesus Christ was privy to their secret conversation, then He called Peter and asked him a few questions and Peter answered him correctly. So, Jesus rephrased what Peter told him by asking him again, “Then the children are exempt,” Jesus said to him.  “But so that we may not cause offense, go to the lake and throw out your line. Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours.” Matthew 17:26-27.

Many Christians are confused about the “avoiding trouble” slogan and the Holy Spirit’s approval as the same, so they continue to do something that they know quite alright that is not right, and the Holy Spirit living inside of them totally disapproved of it. However, because “special anointed and influential” others are doing it, or maybe because they don’t want to cause offense or peradventure they don’t want to “touch the anointed” they quickly forget that every practice in Christ’s kingdom must be according to Jesus Christ laid down rules, principles, and the Holy Spirit direct instruction.

Moreover, many people don’t know how to be excusing themselves from long-term tradition, religious erroneous teachings, fallacies of Ph.D. holders in mathematics religious gurus, or maybe I should say it this way they don’t have the understanding, boldness, or the courage to be exempting themselves from religious myths and business shenanigans, for that reason, many Christian are subjecting their increase or progress in the kingdom of Christ on the obedience of religious laws and traditions, that Jesus Christ has fulfilled.

Believers In Christ Need To Know What The Way Of Jesus Christ They Subscribed To Entails.

For example, as a Nigerian, it will be a disaster for someone not to have a lamp (lantern) or a generator if they can afford one. Why? Because their governments in Nigeria are loaded with a bunch of irresponsible people with the backing of their hypocritical and Shameless so-called special anointed and influential religious leaders. How? Because they refused to give their citizens common power, drinkable water, and good public schools, neither do they have good roads for over fifty years of their independents.

However, it would be a dumb and idiotic idea for someone to be recommending a lamp or generator for someone day-to-day living in the United States of America that uncountable Nigerians have been running to and living there comfortably over decades, except if the unforeseen happens, which might likely happen to them very soon because their ways are far from the Lord. How are you so sure? Because I know that their system works!

Millions of American citizens trust their government, even though they too are trying to be copying bad characters, that is the major reason why God is calling them back from threading the path of destruction that Nigeria has threaded in the past and presently dangerously threading.

Trust Me On This, And You Can Take It To The Bank, Americans, You Can Never Survive Constant Power Failure If You Allow Your Nation To Fail And Fall.

Many Nigerians are surviving by intentional and unintentional fraudulent acts, while some are surviving with their relatives in many foreign countries, Americans, be careful, no foreign country is conducive enough to harbor you if you bring the unforeseen upon your nation.

I came from an Islamic background, I was converted to Jesus Christ’s way, not the Jews or Torah way through the Living Faith Church, a.k.a winner’s chapel; Not quite long I found out that all they were practicing is religious manipulation, fraudulent acts, and religious oppression of the poor people.

Can you believe that I was baptized twice, as a matter of fact, if not that I stood my ground, perhaps RCCG also could have soaked me in the water for the third time. The first baptism was by Apostle Adebayo Adeniji of Cherubim and Seraphim Church Lagos state, that day I remember vividly, he said we don’t do this in our fold however the Lord has commanded me to baptize you. The Second baptism was by Pastor Ebeneezer, an assistant Pastor in the winners’ chapel Ikorodu branch.

In the year 2002, when the Lord gave me a favor to travel out of my country, I made a vow not to affiliate myself with anything called Living Faith Church because God said to me that it would be a very hard task, and by His grace, for someone to be a winner’s chapel member and make the kingdom of heaven, they may make their Bishop’s list, but, for the kingdom of heaven? Forget it, except if they repent and change their manipulative ways.

Again, with a sentiment, I joined the Redeemed Christian Church of God, though I am not comfortable with many of their hypocritical ways, doctrines, traditions, and manipulations; neither their minister’s hypocritical ways of life, especially, as “first fruits and tithe increment” has been taken as another God in their fold. However, in the year 2006 when I came back from the minister’s conference after being cajoled for the first time, I decided to try their tradition, and that same night the Lord said to me, you have done foolishly for following unnecessary tradition, since that time until when God strengthens me to leave their gathering, I never try such type of fallacy again. Many people always ask me; how do you know those things are not right since they’re in the scripture? My simple answer to them is this; because I pay attention to the divine instruction or recommendation of the one that saved me (Jesus Christ) also because many times I have disobediently joined the special anointed businessmen and women in doing tradition, and the Lord always rebuked me and turn me back.

Let me ask you this question, how will you know that slavery has expired, especially in the United States of America since it used to be the practice of “well-to-do” people in the past, and also there are many accounts that are similar to that aspect in the scripture.

Believers In Christ Must Continuously Follow The Guidance of The Holy Spirit.

There may be a “general practice” in your assignment, but, if you follow your guidance, the Holy Spirit, that’s if you believe, He will not only guide you, but He will constantly give you specific instructions for direction at the appointed time. Therefore, this month of April you must look beyond a religious gathering you want to belong to, to allow your focus to be on Jesus Christ, serve humanity without ulterior motives, and in due season your lifting will come if you’re not wary.

In conclusion, ”Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”  Mark 11:24-25.

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