Repentance Is Necessary For Christ Kingdom Journey

Repentance Is Necessary For Christ’s Kingdom Journey

Sometimes people wonder how or why answers are eluding the so-called believers in Christ. They often think that despite the amounts of tithe increment, sacrificial offerings, and covenant Isaac’s seed they’re paying all around Shiloh camps program, Redemption camp congress, Mountain of Fire of Power must change hands program, holy ghosts witches, and wizards killer program, and many other Isaac seed sowing fallacies for prosperity seminars in Canaanland that millions of people are often attending. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that many people attend those programs because of what will not last. I mean, they are attending various programs on prosperity fallacies, but their minds are not genuinely focused on the kingdom of heaven’s purpose.

Average Christians, especially the ones in Nigeria, surely can read different types of devotional books, ranging from Open Heaven Devotional book, Excellency of Isaac’s Seed Sowing Papa’s Wisdom, and many other religious fictional books written by supposed special anointed and influential businessmen and women on the pulpit more than the Bible. However, all their zealousness is not Jesus Christ’s principles or what Jesus Christ said to his disciples, believers in Christ should not bother to listen to them, rather they should follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Many people are just searching for emergency ways to abundance and any blessings because of the teachings of tithe increment myth and Isaac’s seed-sowing fallacies for prosperity that have been proclaimed and propagated often by specially anointed businessmen and women, daddy g.o, and bishops, including their ordained spiritual sons and daughters for too long without considering the true Faith in Jesus Christ, His principles, neither are they waiting on God for a solution nor His promises to sail them through.

In the book of Revelations chapter 3:1, Jesus Christ says, “I know thy works.”

Another scripture says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

Believers in Christ might have allowed themselves to be cajoled by joining religious business centers that innocent people are calling Churches as members, but how long will it take genuine believers in Christ to return to the Holy Spirit sensitivity to know the purpose of Jesus Christ’s faithfulness towards their lives here on earth and eternal life?

Many Nigerians were baited with foreign aid to steal their national resources and loot their treasures because various secular and spiritual leaders were extremely greedy, selfish, lacked Christ’s mind, devoid of Christ’s vision, and an extreme number of supposed men and women of God are unrepentance thieves. However, some time ago, when they found out that some group of people wanted to change their allegiance from the commandments of God to legalize abominable acts in their country, they all rejected it in one accord, regardless of their religious affiliation or background. But, I wonder why they can’t jointly renounce and reject corruption, hypocrisy, deception, wickedness, and other abominable acts in the nation of Nigeria.


I wonder if average Nigerian Christians still have a presentable home. “Why did you say that?”

The way many of their supposed special anointed men and women of God in Nigeria, their Bishop, Pastor, General Overseers, Prophet, Prophetesses, and Papas, and their real estate religious business centers are waging war against marriages and homes by helping many spouses to be destroying their homes because of manipulative and under duress money they are collecting from them is absurd.


If they didn’t see their members’ mothers as witches, they would see fathers as wizards; husbands might be seen as ritual killers; they may see wives with spiritual husbands, seeing children as someone who came from an unknown world because their parents have submitted their lives to various “covenant sacrificial offerings” Shiloh camps for control. The only solution the religious businessmen and women in supposed Redemption camps pulpit will suggest is for such innocent people to come and join various Redemption camps, Mountain of Fire and Shiloh camps of religious myths, fallacies, and many other religious business camps of bondage, slaveries, and captivity, to continually sowing their Isaac as seed and dumping their fraudulent income as tithe increment.

No wonder uncountable Christians’s values are deteriorating daily because the supposed men and women of God in various religious business centers are bent on destroying the foundation of marriages, homes, and society because of their tithe, tithe increment, first fruits, sacrificial offerings, covenant projects, and sowing of their Isaac as seeds fallacies around Shiloh camps business centers. “What did you mean by that?” I meant that many Churches had become ordinary social gatherings where many people were allowing supposed specially anointed preachers of religious myths and fallacies to destroy their homes and have pity parties with each other in Mountains of Fallscies.

Believers in Christ, any specially anointed preacher who says you should divorce your husband or wife for any reason known or unknown in supposed Shiloh camps and Redemption camps, you must be cautious once you have done the necessary for the consummation of your marriage.

You must be extra cautious, especially when they bombard you with various manipulated scriptures, that you are yoking with an unbeliever because one of the parties is against their manipulative doctrines, under duress tithes, Firstfruit, unending minister conferences, celebrating daddy’s or mummy’s anniversary, and Papa’s birthday by compulsion and manipulation. Including sowing endless faith seeds and covenant seeds to their various religious real estate business centers and wallets while uncountable homes of innocent members are lacking basic needs. Beware!

Many of these mammon preachers all over Isaac’s seed-sowing pulpits Shiloh camps are asking you not to yoke with unbelievers, go and look at them behind the scenes, or ask the Holy Spirit to unveil their hypocrisy unto you. You will find out that they are not only yoking with unbelievers, but they also have a permanent residence card with unbelievers, political thieves, kidnappers, and murderers, at the same time collecting their money as tithe increments and sacrificial offerings to build more real estate business centers they are calling Redemption camp, Shiloh camp, and many other names that can fascinate the innocent and ignorant one’s mentality.

Some of them even use believers in Christ’s tithes, first fruits, Isaac’s seed, and many other sacrificial offerings that Jesus Christ has neither approved nor commanded to buy generators and mats for various mosques to appease their business partners. However, they are bent on cursing innocent believers in Christ in their respective religious business centers for not paying tithes, increasing tithes, or not paying them on time. The worst of all, they are all having fun by always ordaining seniors born again who still indulge in all types of visible sins and hidden atrocities as franchise parish pastors in their respective real estate religious business centers.

Believers in Christ, don’t think you are clever because you know how to manipulate scriptures on Mountains of Fallacies.

In the book of Revelations 3:1, Jesus says, “I know thy works.”

1 Corinthians 3:11-15 says, “A day is coming when believers’ works will be revealed with fire.

Believers in Christ, never consider yourself clever if God chooses not to reveal your secrets in your lifetime. However, if you have chosen to continually go in the sinners’ way, always remember your starting point.


Apostle Paul declares that “All that will live Godly in Christ shall suffer persecution” 2 Timothy 3:12.

So, believers in Christ, if I may ask, why is persecution diving down among the believers in Christ of this dispensation? Are immoralities, readiness, covetousness, and fraudulent prosperity becoming the new normal in various Redemption and Shiloh camps real estate business centers? Yet, many franchise parishes are springing up in every corner every second.

Think about the following: If a wicked government is giving awards to the specially anointed man of God, what does that tell you? The main reason that might have happened is that churches have conformed to worldly standards, awakening no opposition. Many ministers in the so-called kingdom of Christ assignment seem worse than their politicians regarding money.

The specially anointed men and women of God have different rules for the innocent poor people, but harsh and “true,” with diplomatic rules for the wealthy people in religious camps, all from their same Bible simply because of money bags. For example, when a general overseer said God told him to ordain a thief and adulterer as a Pastor. It took me four years to digest the deception, but honestly, I still couldn’t, and the Holy Spirit did not confirm the information to me either. Therefore, I found it appropriate to confront the lie with appropriate clarity, with the Holy Spirit leading.

Believers in Christ, think about this: As “half pastor,” you know that someone is a thief, a habitual adulterer, and still indulges in other sins, yet he is comfortable in your camp after many years of claiming to be a born-again Christian. Not only was the person comfortable with sins in the supposed redemption camp, but he also wanted a promotion to become a full-time pastor. That is amazing! Believers in Christ, does the man involved sound like a born-again Christian to you, not to talk of being a part-time pastor?

Believers in Christ, here is a simple question: Can anyone enter into the kingdom of Heaven, otherwise known as the eternal life in Christ, with the title of pastor?

“God does what he pleases” Of course; yes, many of us know that. But undoubtedly, the almighty God will not lie. Most importantly, believers in Christ need to have a discerning spirit when things that are not pleasing to God are happening around them in supposed Redemption camps. How? By taking the issues to God single-handedly in prayer for clarity.

The same general overseer once said the following in a minister conference. “If a Pastor is caught in the web of fornication, he ceases to provide spiritual cover for the sheep. From that moment, enemies’ arrows shot at members that should have passed over them will hit their mark because the leader has broken the edge”

My question is this: Fornication and adultery, which is the worst?

If I may ask the following question from the spiritual gurus: Will God willingly endanger the lives of His children by approving the ordination of an adulterer as a pastor?

Believers in Christ, now don’t tell me you don’t know what is going on in Jesus Christ’s kingdom. Honestly, the world will love this type of deception camp that can manipulate God’s word as it suits them. That is one of the reasons why they have millions of business people among them without impacting the commoners in their respective society in a godly manner, except greediness, covetousness, stealing, adultery, hidden contracted marriage, divorce, and under duress Isaac seed sowing fallacies.

If you are a thief, a habitual adulterer, or you indulge in other sins, but you are working in an oil company, lawyer, Judge, importer, exporter, c.e.o, of any business or bank, you are automatically qualified for a deacon, deaconess, and franchise parish position, if not a zonal coordinator in Nigeria influential men and women of God fold. Wealth is the criterion for their calling in Shiloh camps. They love using such people to expand their various franchise business centers, wallets, and bank accounts, not God’s kingdom. In tithe increment and Isaac seed sowing fold, you don’t have to receive any call from God. Your money is a useful guarantor for you to be called. Incredible. God have mercy on us!

As long as heaven and earth remain, we will continue to receive the above in various Redemption camps because many Christians thirst for fables and prosperity.

Isaiah 59:2 says, “But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you so that he cannot hear.”

Believers in Christ, are you still wondering why there are a lot of false testimonies in Nigerian churches? It was because they had too many false miracles in the first place. Brother and Sister, Christianity is not about prosperity only; believers in Christ need to stand for the truth of Christ at all times, even when it’s going to hurt or cost them their lives. Importantly, Believer In Christ, You don’t have to take any franchise Parish if God truly calls you.

One person that you lead to Jesus Christ unaided with tithes and faith seed is enough, and as a believer in Christ, you don’t have to build eight hundred and fifty acres of deceptive camps all over the world if you genuinely believe in eternal life in Christ all your diplomacy in Shiloh will not get you there, so stop deceiving yourself. Repent now and change your ways.

If you have not yet been born again, you can now say the following prayers: Lord Jesus, I come to you today. I cannot help myself. I am a sinner; forgive me my sins. From today, I accept you as my Lord and my Savior. Thank you for saving me, period!

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